The need.

I have a packet of tissue papers, left half of its content, lying by the dresser table.

I didn’t use them, or to put it simply, I have stopped drawing tissue papers out of the packet. I didn’t find a point of using them anymore because it has this garishly loud red packaging with a koala-liked hybrid creature on the cover that I didn’t like and somewhat prevents my hand (bless my vanity sense!) from touching it like it was some sort of poison. I didn’t want to be seen carrying around such hideous and cheap plastic packet in my bag either, god forbid.

But having to bear the sight of the red tissue packet lying there unused everyday is starting to becoming an eye sore of sorts. I know I need to get rid of it soon, so I made a mental note to use what’s left to wipe off dusty surfaces, whenever such need arises.

One night I was finishing up my reading on Coelho when the need came to look for me and got my eyes cried out like what most Korean love drama does. Desperate times call for desperate measures; I frantically scanned around the room and was relieved to find just what I need spotted on the quiet corner…

It was as if it has been there all along, and understood its purpose. It knew that it was supposed to be there waiting for the ‘right moment’ for the ‘right person’ to need it. And I’m glad it served its noble duty, faithfully.

Oh tissues in ugly red packaging, glad I found you!



When the clouds come out to play…


Another back-dated entry. I cheated, so that my September blog entry slot won’t be left empty heheh.

Call if you need me.

Back-dated entry in March.
Recently I bought some of James Lee’s works through Da Huang Pictures. Ok, just two to begin with. His latest film ‘Call if you need me’ has so far won a handful of global recognition and international screenings elsewhere but here.

Directed by James Lee and Tan Chui Mui as the producer, the movie starred a simple village dude Or Kia (Sunny Pang) who had arrived in the big city and met his cousin brother Ah Soon (Pete Teo) for an underground job which, calls for Or Kia’s decision in the end to choose between brotherhood honor and defending for his stay in the gangster’s paradise.

Like many of James Lee underdog films, reality is always portrayed as the illusion that bites. Hard. The first 10 to 20 minutes in the opening of the film, for example, does not waste time with the audience questioning what the casts were doing popping pills and dance away like there’s no tomorrow. Or the scene about the guys who are fairly eloquent in porn talk on daily basis.

I have to admit being turned off by such disturbing environment they called themselves home, but there was an unmistakable charm in the storyline that I was looking for, one is centred on the relationship between Or Kia and Ah Soon, and another between Ah Soon and his near non-existent love partner, though I felt the relationship was never developed further into a story of its own. Maybe a spin-off of that would be good.

I want to know what made Or Kia betrayed the childhood memories he kept reminding Ah Soon about in the beginning of the movie, and what made him turn his back on Ah Soon. But there was no prior revenge intended, no unfinished business to attend to.

As the movie progressed on however, it dawned on me how predictable it would be if it were the case. I think it would work well on some plot-twisted drama action film elsewhere, anywhere but here. The nature of the dark society eventually takes its course. Or Kia stepped up to replace Ah Soon in the mob business and the ending speaks for itself in the depressing symbol of a branded blazer that Or Kia received from Ah Soon, and his last words to Ah Soon made sense of what the movie is about.

Rating: 3.5/5

How are you?

So you’re working now…
What was your job again?
A writer. In some college.
Bet you have to work late… is it a stressful job?
Well, every job has its own ups and downs, but it’s just a job.
Must be tough for someone like you, a newcomer then. Big bullies the small…
Not at all. They’re willing to teach me and I learn. It’s good.
Drive to work?
Is the pay enough?

There is a voice in my head that tells me to turn over to this elderly woman with my set of questions, in return of her kindness to ask. But I never realized how long has it been since we actually talked, and how I’ve been selfishly fighting against this self-pride just to ask her a simple ‘how are you’ question. It’s that easy. Just turn over and let your mouth do the talking as it would. Yet I couldn’t.

It’s been years and I still couldn’t bring myself to speak to her. Is there still time left? Then I guess I’ll carry this regret until we meet again. Happy birthday, po po. I’ll remember to smile the next time we speak again.

The urge.

Be honest now. I know it couldn’t be just me who experience this sudden urge to, upon listening to your favourite songs over the PA system in the mall or somewhere; clap your hands, arms-flapping in the air and all… in public. Thankfully, consciousness is here to save us from embarrassing ourselves silly because we have badges to wear on weekdays eg. I’m a high-ranking professional so-and-so and wouldn’t be caught dead prancing around at the baby food aisle in the supermarket.

I supposed this is what flash mob reflects in our society. Regardless of our identity and social stats, we’re all humans who feel and sometimes when emotions take over, you’re just a helpless prat. But hey, what’s wrong with feeling? What’s wrong with giving in to your emotions once in a while? Let loose, be wild and free. It’s when you feel alive that you’re inspired to live!

So yeah, this is what I’ve been dying to try someday. Yep, I’m giving it a good, serious thought that this is what I will do if what they say about 2012 is true. I’m gona call it… err… random dance. Haha.

What say you? 😛