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Archie was in Malaysia!

I went, I saw and I survived (the banshee fans). Thank God. Thoroughly enjoyed his performance! Would love to see him perform with his band next time hehe.


Reminiscing romance.

Last night, I was listening to Eason’s old songs again and decided to youtube some of his MVs. One thing led to another, I typed ‘Jeremy Chang’ and it led me to one of his best songs 美麗的花蝴蝶, which happens to be the soundtrack of my old time favourite HK movie, 92 Legendary La Rose Noire starring Tony Leung Kar Fai, Maggie Siu Mei Kei, Teresa Mo and the like of other famous actors. I remember watching the parody film when I was in my primary school years and until last night, I still find myself laughing hysterical over the many funny scenes that is sooo irresistible not to have a giggling fit! *LD saw me laughing away like a hyena* Anyway if you heard about the infamous Hak Mui Gwai story, then you know what it’s all about in this film. I absolutely adore the chemistry between Tony (Lui Kei) and Maggie Siu, which is why I love this song by Jeremy Chang. 🙂

Then, Ken Lee. Now, tuts my barreh.

Mariah Carey must be proud of you darlings.

Simply Mei Chern.

Two weeks ago I was at Midvalley with DD and happily bought myself a copy of Mei Chern’s self-titled album. A talented indie singer-songwriter, Mei Chern first started playing at a student folk club in England, where later she wrote her songs and have them performed at various notable venues; Actor’s Studio Bangsar and KLPac, Acoustic Routes in Cambridge, UK, and The Esplanade in Singapore.

One of her songs ‘Feels like Falling’ was pre-recorded back in 2003 and won top download award on (a now defunct site where you can downloads songs by local indie artiste/band for a minimal fee). She then wrote ‘Do you see me like you’ for Ong Julin’s self-directed indie film Alice Lives Here (a.k.a Clean Shit) in which the short documentary subsequently won an award at Freedom Film Fest KL 2005. ‘My Time’ was also written for another documentary that reflected on the collapse of Highland Tower 13 years ago.


She’s the latest discovery on my list and I really like her effortlessly crisp voice in the songs. She’s the reason why less is really more. We should have more talents like her to represent our country in the music industry, despite the fact that there have been a lot of successful artistes whom we might not have heard of or know about but who’ve made great achievements out there. Mei Chern may seem, to me, a shy-publicity musician, but take a listen to her songs and you’ll know why she didn’t need the spotlight, if ever.

Recently, Mei Chern has been selected to perform at Womyn’s Music Festival held in Michigan, an event where acoustic musicians alike i.e. Sarah McLachlan had performed there. It is a fest that celebrates women musicians and their significant involvement in music and this is definitely one of the highlighting moments for Mei Chern to shine as an independent musician. I love the album and I look forward to attend her future gigs soon when she gets back to Malaysia.


You won’t be able to get her CD at any Rock Corner or Tower Records. Hop over to her site here.


There you go Zewt 🙂

Mei Chern performing Good Intentions in KL Sing Song 2006.

Nelly Furtado feat. Keith Urban – In God’s hands.

This song has been playing in my head all week.

Originally it was just lonely Nelly Furtado by the sea. There’s even a Spanish version for the song (En Las Manos De Dios) but, for some reason Keith Urban’s scruffy country voice did complement well with hers. I like it better in duet.

When love ended, all’s not lost.

Now our love’s floating out the window
Our love’s floating out the back door
Our love’s floating up in the sky in heaven
Where it begins
Back in God’s hands…

Click here to listen.