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Are you a friend in need?

Work load is about to pile up soon with more new projects coming in, so we unwind ourselves with more coffee after work. Haha. Well, just me actually. Like getting a new pair of heels, I wouldn’t get enough of coffee.

The full moon came just in time for some revelation. It didn’t occur to me that I would admit to myself for being ignorant of a dire situation that another friend of ours is facing off late, until I was enlightened the fact that the whole world knows I’ve been avoiding contact with the friend altogether.

I was indeed aware, but I guess it’s easier to not get involved at all, than to bear the pain of watching your friend go down the drain and not offering any help to pull them out of the rut. Call me a selfish breed, but we all have our personal demons to deal with at some point that I can’t possibly butt in without offering what I know you won’t accept. I know you wouldn’t want me to sympathise you and I can’t afford to empathise your situation either so I walked away, and hope you get back to your senses in due time because I believe you can, and will. And then we’ll talk about you getting over it and feeling better.

Would I be a bad friend just because I’m not the friend in need?


The Muthu Mystery part II

Continue from part I

Meanwhile, the loan shark boss went curious why Ah Ngau had not returned from collecting debt. So off he sends another loan shark worker Ah Shu to check things out at Muthu’s place. So off Ah Shu went to find Muthu. Muthu once again finds himself in a compromising situation. Ah Shu questioned Muthu where had An Ngau been to, and Muthu pointed to the big case of plastic container. Furious Ah Shu thought Muthu is fooling him. Muthu opens the lid, insisted that Ah Shu should take a look at the container.

Curious, Ah Shu walked towards the container and that is when he saw his co-worker Ah Ngau, his dead body ‘preserved’ within the ice packs. No time to lose. Muthu stabbed Ah Shu’s back using the same ice pick used to kill Ah Ngau, and raged by the desire to kill he repeatedly stabbed Ah Shu until he’s sprawled on the kitchen floor motionless and died out of losing too much blood. Blood was everywhere, and again, Muthu finds himself whole night to clean off his murder scene, but he was glad to have found a solution to his problem.

Muthu’s ais kacang business went exceptionally good ever since the incident. His life is improving, and his love life has just started to bloom as well when he befriended a lady customer who often comes by to patronized his ais kacang stall. Soon, they became lovers *duh*. Muthu has quit gambling for good and has never felt this happy before his whole life. Everything went well, until one fine day, while Muthu and his girlfriend were watching pirated DVD movie at home, a stranger came knocking on his door late at night. It was the loan shark boss, Ah Bee.

Upon finding out it was Ah Bee, Muthu freaked out and demanded his girlfriend to hide in the room and keep quiet. But instead, the girlfriend opens the door for Ah Bee and reluctantly stood by him. Damn, Muthu had been cheated! In rage, he hurled whatever things at reach towards both of them as he ran into the kitchen to grab the ice pick. I must kill them, he said, I must!!

Both Ah Bee and the girlfriend trailed after Muthu to the kitchen and…

… to be continued. Major headache.

Truth is.

A friend recommended me to Kelly Clarkson’s Cry. Listening to it cuts my hurt even deeper, though in the irony of it all, I need it badly to soothe the pain I’ve been through lately. Yes, truth hurts. But I need it to grant me strength to face my own demon.

I hate you. Because I need to get over the fact that you won’t budge an ass to make the move, so I’ll hate you. So badly wish that you would come up to me and say something that would trigger a slap on your pretty face. But you didn’t.

So I kept this anger to myself and it turns into this evil mirror ball that gradually sees me transformed into a wishing lamp at hand, where I could take chances and make the world turn against you. Yes, my mind has entered the ‘bitch mode’ during its recovery process. I was close to mix work with pleasure, inducing your guilt conscience for this hurt of mine. That icy stare at your timid puppy eyes is one of those things. That smirk at your lame intelligence display and your jackass laughter. I wondered who’s the lucky apple in your eye. Your favourite billboard model or some classic chick in high-couture fashion magazine? Grow up, dude! I couldn’t stand how you can be so calm and collected about the whole situation. Is that what guys does best? I wish you would have tendered your letter then and sayonara. Even better, I wish you didn’t exist! Poof!

Truth is, I must have cared about this relationship so much to the extent that I cry over you when it’s over. But I wouldn’t have learned about what it takes to be ready if I didn’t take the first step to fight for it, will I?

And truth is, I know that I must move on now. I just need time to get through this phase; myself. Probably the hardest part is to allow myself known already that whatever the outcome may be out of this pain, it should never ever change the love I have to give for self and others. At least I know now, what I really want that would otherwise not have worked with you.

The times I’d always ask find myself asking, when will I be ready? God showed me the answer, but I suppose I could learned a lesson with this one. Truth is a teacher that gives lesson before it teaches. What I’m learning now is this. You.

Archie was in Malaysia!

I went, I saw and I survived (the banshee fans). Thank God. Thoroughly enjoyed his performance! Would love to see him perform with his band next time hehe.

Reminiscing romance.

Last night, I was listening to Eason’s old songs again and decided to youtube some of his MVs. One thing led to another, I typed ‘Jeremy Chang’ and it led me to one of his best songs 美麗的花蝴蝶, which happens to be the soundtrack of my old time favourite HK movie, 92 Legendary La Rose Noire starring Tony Leung Kar Fai, Maggie Siu Mei Kei, Teresa Mo and the like of other famous actors. I remember watching the parody film when I was in my primary school years and until last night, I still find myself laughing hysterical over the many funny scenes that is sooo irresistible not to have a giggling fit! *LD saw me laughing away like a hyena* Anyway if you heard about the infamous Hak Mui Gwai story, then you know what it’s all about in this film. I absolutely adore the chemistry between Tony (Lui Kei) and Maggie Siu, which is why I love this song by Jeremy Chang. 🙂