Instant noodles.

You can get them branded or your childhood past-time favourite
You can get them in all kinds of screaming fancy plastic packaging you can find and feel
You can get them lined up on the shelves in hypermarkets, 24/7 convenience stores, sundry shops;
But if you can’t find them anywhere else,
You can bet that wherever the eggs will be, there’s always instant noodles.
And one thing’s for sure,
They always let you know that they’re readily available.

Copy-pasted from my facebook notes. I’d actually like the fact that this sounded like what would describe a naive, amateurish poet who couldn’t think of anything better and shallow to write about and yet I think the otherwise. 🙂


3 responses to “Instant noodles.

  1. Hey! It’s a classic!
    How many poets would write about instant noodles? 😛

  2. Despite all the nay-sayers about the health benefits of instant noodles, they’re my saviour! How could one possible live without them, esp in this part of the world?

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