I survived toot toot.

So I reached office only to realise that I forgot my mobile phone, left on the cord charging itself happily at home. I felt a bit insecure at first, but it didn’t last because I was pre-occupied with work and that kept me busy throughout the day without wondering who would have left me text messages and missed calls.

I was surprised that I manage to survive myself without a mobile phone, without making a fuss. As long as I know where the phone is at, I’m pretty contented to go about my business for the day. I’ll get to it soon, just much later.

Mom said that I could have easily lived without one (along the lines of making a remark on how forgetful I am). I said no, I can’t live without one, but I don’t see a point of making a big deal out of not having to carrying hundreds of contact with you and panicked, like some people would have.

But maybe that’s only because I don’t have urgent calls or text messages waiting to be returned, like some people would have.


4 responses to “I survived toot toot.

  1. About two years ago, my favorite cousin called me very late in the evening. I told him it was a lucky chance that I hadn’t switched off my cell. There was a silence on the line and then he said, “F%&k! You’re that important?” I laughed and told him the turth, “No, I’m that not important!”

    I remember that time. I’d switch off my phone and then I’d feel totally relaxed! 🙂

  2. Sometimes, I go out with my hp left at home intentionally. Muahaha.

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