Are you a friend in need?

Work load is about to pile up soon with more new projects coming in, so we unwind ourselves with more coffee after work. Haha. Well, just me actually. Like getting a new pair of heels, I wouldn’t get enough of coffee.

The full moon came just in time for some revelation. It didn’t occur to me that I would admit to myself for being ignorant of a dire situation that another friend of ours is facing off late, until I was enlightened the fact that the whole world knows I’ve been avoiding contact with the friend altogether.

I was indeed aware, but I guess it’s easier to not get involved at all, than to bear the pain of watching your friend go down the drain and not offering any help to pull them out of the rut. Call me a selfish breed, but we all have our personal demons to deal with at some point that I can’t possibly butt in without offering what I know you won’t accept. I know you wouldn’t want me to sympathise you and I can’t afford to empathise your situation either so I walked away, and hope you get back to your senses in due time because I believe you can, and will. And then we’ll talk about you getting over it and feeling better.

Would I be a bad friend just because I’m not the friend in need?


4 responses to “Are you a friend in need?

  1. nray, thank you for sharing the links! Jupiter, if my limiting knowledge serves me right, is about expansion, growth, and opportunity? 🙂

  2. thanks again for the insight, ms. neeti 🙂

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