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I survived toot toot.

So I reached office only to realise that I forgot my mobile phone, left on the cord charging itself happily at home. I felt a bit insecure at first, but it didn’t last because I was pre-occupied with work and that kept me busy throughout the day without wondering who would have left me text messages and missed calls.

I was surprised that I manage to survive myself without a mobile phone, without making a fuss. As long as I know where the phone is at, I’m pretty contented to go about my business for the day. I’ll get to it soon, just much later.

Mom said that I could have easily lived without one (along the lines of making a remark on how forgetful I am). I said no, I can’t live without one, but I don’t see a point of making a big deal out of not having to carrying hundreds of contact with you and panicked, like some people would have.

But maybe that’s only because I don’t have urgent calls or text messages waiting to be returned, like some people would have.


Are you a friend in need?

Work load is about to pile up soon with more new projects coming in, so we unwind ourselves with more coffee after work. Haha. Well, just me actually. Like getting a new pair of heels, I wouldn’t get enough of coffee.

The full moon came just in time for some revelation. It didn’t occur to me that I would admit to myself for being ignorant of a dire situation that another friend of ours is facing off late, until I was enlightened the fact that the whole world knows I’ve been avoiding contact with the friend altogether.

I was indeed aware, but I guess it’s easier to not get involved at all, than to bear the pain of watching your friend go down the drain and not offering any help to pull them out of the rut. Call me a selfish breed, but we all have our personal demons to deal with at some point that I can’t possibly butt in without offering what I know you won’t accept. I know you wouldn’t want me to sympathise you and I can’t afford to empathise your situation either so I walked away, and hope you get back to your senses in due time because I believe you can, and will. And then we’ll talk about you getting over it and feeling better.

Would I be a bad friend just because I’m not the friend in need?

A case of shooting myself in the foot.

We were around the cinema ticketing counter, waiting to get in to the theater for the latest movie by M. Night Shymalan. Caught the trailer of Julia Roberts’ upcoming Eat.Pray.Love on a TV screen when a friend remarked that the movie sounds like an old boring sappy story.

I said I beg to differ. It’s a movie based on a good book, I said.

Oh really, she said.

I said yeah. I’ve got the book for ages but I haven’t got the chance to read it yet…

She eyed at me suspiciously and repeated what I said about the movie being based on a good book when I hadn’t even read it… yet.

Damn. Somebody remind me.

The need.

I have a packet of tissue papers, left half of its content, lying by the dresser table.

I didn’t use them, or to put it simply, I have stopped drawing tissue papers out of the packet. I didn’t find a point of using them anymore because it has this garishly loud red packaging with a koala-liked hybrid creature on the cover that I didn’t like and somewhat prevents my hand (bless my vanity sense!) from touching it like it was some sort of poison. I didn’t want to be seen carrying around such hideous and cheap plastic packet in my bag either, god forbid.

But having to bear the sight of the red tissue packet lying there unused everyday is starting to becoming an eye sore of sorts. I know I need to get rid of it soon, so I made a mental note to use what’s left to wipe off dusty surfaces, whenever such need arises.

One night I was finishing up my reading on Coelho when the need came to look for me and got my eyes cried out like what most Korean love drama does. Desperate times call for desperate measures; I frantically scanned around the room and was relieved to find just what I need spotted on the quiet corner…

It was as if it has been there all along, and understood its purpose. It knew that it was supposed to be there waiting for the ‘right moment’ for the ‘right person’ to need it. And I’m glad it served its noble duty, faithfully.

Oh tissues in ugly red packaging, glad I found you!


When the clouds come out to play…


Another back-dated entry. I cheated, so that my September blog entry slot won’t be left empty heheh.