The urge.

Be honest now. I know it couldn’t be just me who experience this sudden urge to, upon listening to your favourite songs over the PA system in the mall or somewhere; clap your hands, arms-flapping in the air and all… in public. Thankfully, consciousness is here to save us from embarrassing ourselves silly because we have badges to wear on weekdays eg. I’m a high-ranking professional so-and-so and wouldn’t be caught dead prancing around at the baby food aisle in the supermarket.

I supposed this is what flash mob reflects in our society. Regardless of our identity and social stats, we’re all humans who feel and sometimes when emotions take over, you’re just a helpless prat. But hey, what’s wrong with feeling? What’s wrong with giving in to your emotions once in a while? Let loose, be wild and free. It’s when you feel alive that you’re inspired to live!

So yeah, this is what I’ve been dying to try someday. Yep, I’m giving it a good, serious thought that this is what I will do if what they say about 2012 is true. I’m gona call it… err… random dance. Haha.

What say you? 😛


6 responses to “The urge.

  1. *Here she goes, the person who has been around for the longest time since light years ago, replying to your post*

    Give me a call when you got the urge. I’ll make sure I’ll be there.

  2. what care pro o not pro as enjoy just dance…high ranking profesinal need to eat too rite? 😛

  3. lol…. dare u try lo… atleast i did before… muahahaha…

  4. Dance…
    I was hoping for like something more fun…
    Heh heh heh
    If you do make sure there is a vid i can watch ya

  5. hahaha people would think are are crazy if we simply things on the public area 🙂

    anyway, so long we’re happy… who cares about what other thinks. ummm just dont do it in front of our parent hahahahahaha

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