lor yau.

This entry was written almost a year ago, but I wonder why I didn’t post it until now…

Went for New Year visiting at mom’s friend’s place. We brought over some oranges and snacks. Aunt M insist on offering us something in return to bring home. She walked about her kitchen and spotted some Ipoh-mali pomelos in the corner when she uttered this (sorry but you need to understand Cantonese in order to make sense of this entry):

Aunt M: Come, come, lei oi meh yeh? [come, come, what would you like to have?]

Mom: Ohh, mm sai kham hak hei lah… heheh [oh, that’s all right… heheh]

Aunt M: Oi lor yau mou? […]

Mom: …

Mom heard it. I heard the same thing as well, I swear to God I did! It happened in a split second fast you could barely had the time to come up with some appropriate response, but mom was quick to save her friend from embarrassment by laughing it off like it was a joke. Joke gone bad I presumed.

Mom: Ohh! luk yau hai mai… hahahahaaa *fake laugh 1*
Aunt M: Hahahahaaa… yes, yes, luk yau… hahahaaa *fake laugh 2*

Lor yau means ass, literally. Luk yau is of course the culprit pomelo.


2 responses to “lor yau.

  1. LOL! Got many lor yau… oops I mean lok yau in Ipoh. šŸ˜›

    Gong Xi Fa Cai, sis! Angpau mari? šŸ˜€

  2. Burrrpppp… so cold!!!! crows flew by!!!

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