anonymous lovah.

While working on overtime, a 10 digit number sent me a random text message late last night:

10-Jul-2009 23:42
“I love you a lot and I miss you.”

Sweet. But to come across a message like this does bring up a frown on your face, because you don’t know who the hell that person is.  So I replied instead with:

11-Jul-2009 00:02
“Thanks. Same to you.”

Of course, we’ve all heard about EFNBTD (term originated from Doc Chen I think Lol) people who’d randomly key in numbers to send anonymous messages to victims strangers. So like-wise with this particular stranger, it doesn’t take long to find out what he/she is up to because the following day (which is today la), I was asked to identify myself, to which I pointed out:

11-Jul-2009 09:40
“Check your number next time. You’ve texted wrong person last night.”

11-Jul-2009 09:43
“No. I text correctly. Actually I just key in a few numbers and see who replied. Can i please know who are you? At least let me know who are you. Do you want to know who am i?”

Case in point.


4 responses to “anonymous lovah.

  1. LOL I love you too, sis! *muacks*

    Happy weekend! 😉

  2. I love you too butty! At least you know who I am 😀

  3. big hugs to Day-dreamer and Angele!

  4. is that the current dating approach? haha!

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