Tribute to the departed.

departures postersmall

Initially, I didn’t understand her persistence to watch this film when everyone else raved about the other much-anticipated blockbuster opening last night. And because she’s always been indecisive about everything else. Well, almost everything but Okuribito. It’s a rare occasion to see her so adamant about it, so I know this has got to be a good catch for an award-winning foreign film. Thank you.

I’ll write about it soon. Go watch while you can.


6 responses to “Tribute to the departed.

  1. I think I’ll pass and wait for your review
    I get headaches chasing subtitles and the moving screens

    • subtitles are fine since it’s placed at eye level on screen. plus I’m sure you could catch a bit of simple jap phrase in the movie. 🙂

  2. I might check it out, sounds good!


  3. finally updates liao…Departures sound like the english movie wor… not same content? =/

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