who’s wearing the skirts now?

I’d always thought that at the commencing stage of a relationship, women ought to be the ‘taker’ in relationship and let the men take initiative to do the chase, as what a ‘giver’ does best. The lines are clearly drawn. That’s how it works in traditional setting, more so during our folks era.

But times are changing. A new dawn or ‘trend’ of an ideal relationship has just set in.

Girls who go after guys will not be discriminated for their unabashed decency for following their guts, and girls who confess their feelings while bearing the risk of being rejected by their love interest would have enough courage left to love and be loved. At least that’s what I think.

Nothing wrong with us telling it like how it is or how we do it, because it’s not just about pursuing our knight in shining armor, it’s about deserving what we want as what men would have in the past. On the flip side, men are not ‘giving’ as much as they would like to take. Any singles would have known better that some of them can be inwardly passive to the point of being not able to stand up for love. Shame, really.

Off topic. Today’s Johnny Depp’s birthday! Still looking good at 45 hehe.


6 responses to “who’s wearing the skirts now?

  1. GO FOR IT sis! 😛

  2. LOL… that’s how I lost my single status… damn sad…

  3. Interesting…
    However it is, I guess everything comes from the “don’t regert it in the future” statement
    Anyway… good luck

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