This entry shows the worst side of yours truly. I need a space to bitch right now so spare me the nice girl impression just for this post.

It happened 2 weeks or so ago. But I can’t stop talking about her, not even after I grumbled about it to Panda and a senior colleague. I can’t stop thinking about what this friend did that make me so undeserved and feel like I’ve been taken for granted, all in one night. I’m an all or nothing person. I rarely spend my hard ass earned money on just a particular friend, but I thought we really had good times together whenever we’re out for a drink or movie so I thought, why not? We’ve known each other for years, since secondary school, though we only start meeting often recently.

The intention was to treat her a nice dinner since it was her birthday, though I didn’t directly mentioned to her that it was going to be a treat.

So I picked her up from home, which is quite a distance from my place, drove us all the way to somewhere nice for dinner. She had a few complains about some mosquito harassing her legs and not enough side dishes that she ordered more. I was quite taken aback by her sudden ravenous appetite. That, fine, though I didn’t see it coming.

The bill came and I paid it, and really, I honestly don’t mind to foot the bill as long as I know she enjoyed the dinner. She was quite delighted, but not as ecstatic in the face as I thought she would. That, fine, too, knowing that I had a nice, wholesome dinner myself.

It wasn’t until I send her home, and right before getting out of the car she asked hesitantly about the bill and whether she should pay half of it. I said that’s all right and she just got off the car and waved goodbye. That’s it.

Like, hello, where’s my thank you??

I just… I don’t know if I’m the one at fault here for having this expectation of her thanking me for a nice dinner. That’s the very least of courtesy you can do for someone who’s willing to treat you, right? No? Will someone please educate me here??

Ever since that incident, I started counting down the times I had to pick her up from her place just so we could go to the malls together. She has a driving license and said that she occasionally drives her dad’s 4WD and at the same time telling me that she doesn’t have transport to go the mall whenever I invited her out for movies. Bullshit. And damn I’ve been treated like a convenient doormat all this while.

Worst, we have arranged a trip to CH, weeks before I discovered her true colors. I seriously want to back out from ruining this wonderful trip I’ve been planning for months because of her.

I know I shouldn’t feel this way, bitching about her to the world. Good friends don’t do that, but this won’t do any justice to myself either. I’m now turning into this evil person who pretended everything is all right in front of her and bitch behind her back. I really can’t get over it. Help!!


17 responses to “She.

  1. *thinking if I’d ever missed out any Thank Yous when you sent me home*

    I understand that kind of feeling. But lots of people are becoming like this nowadays. Thankfully those in Kampar still know their Ps and Qs. >.<

    p/s: If I had missed out any TQs, my sincerest apologies. T_T

  2. ahhh… so now, you will see her in a totally different light. maybe she has something in her mind that day?

    oh well, should talk it out.

  3. day-dreamer,
    no you didn’t owe me any TQs lol. I know you would have ask if it’s ok with me first before any favor πŸ™‚

    thank your Kampar friends. good manners don’t come easy these days.

    I could only presumed her mind was busy with something else. yeah, will definitely talk about it, though it gets a bit tricky with girls when it comes to stuff like this. sigh.

  4. LOL!!! ish ish dah pandai guna CH…. somemore no ajak pegi…. when friends become very close… they tends to forget the courtesy of thankyou… but hey don’t worry… they will remember it one day so stay chill unless ur friend is the hi bye friend lar… ><

  5. kkjm,
    I did ajak u before okie, and YOU went ahead without telling me. so now, amacam nak settle ah? ah? tell me. πŸ˜›

  6. Giving a part of you actually brings meaning to life, but yeah, it sucks when you have to give to someone who doesn’t know how to appreciate and takes you for granted in return. I used to be someone’s doormat for years. And then one day when I woke up I decided I wanted to make my life better.

    Well, it’s better for health to back out anyway. But since she’s been your good friend for so long, she prolly deserves a second chance, and there’s nothing to lose by having a talk about it. Plus, good friends usually accept building criticism, say their sorry’s and laugh it off. If she’s adamant and does not want to budge, you’d pretty much know the options you have left.

  7. LOL…. how to settle??? go outside lo we settle kau kau… when u guys going there??? LD going???

  8. People in this world have many colours, and I’m not talking about the obvious.

    A really good friend is hard to find nowadays, especially those from the big cities.

  9. I’d feel the same way too and honestly sometimes my brother takes me for granted too. I know that as an elder sibling I have responsibilities over the younger ones. Whenever I buy him dinner he doesn’t even say thank you. I try not to take it into heart but as human beings we can’t control emotions. I know how you feel dear.

    I hope everything’s okay now. Hugs!

    But hey, if you were to pick me up and treat me I’d definitely be ecstatic and say a million thank yous. That’s common courtesy.


  10. =)
    remember what I told you?
    I mean how to ask her for a thank you? hahaha.

    Anyway, at least you got to know what a person she is now. Don’t feel bad for introducing her to the whole world. Sometimes you need to do that to make you yourself feel better.
    That is why I complain a lot too. LOL.

    You’re welcome to grumble more to me =)

    p/s I did say thank you rite everytime when you gave me a ride to the station?

  11. Oh I definitely have a friend like her! I won’t mind about the ‘TQ’ though because sometimes I forgot to say it too (Oopsie!) and I think it’s not really that bad cos at least she asked whether she has to pay a portion of it.
    What drives me mad is her unwillingness to drive and fetch me (not even once) to anywhere! I don’t know if it was her laziness to drive or wanted to save petrol, but she always have reasons; lazy to drive, mum using her car, cousin needs her car, her leg hurts, she’s scared to drive home alone, no parking at our destination which I found totally not logic because her car is smaller than mine so if there were limited parking spaces, shouldn’t we drive hers? By the time I had enough, I told her my favourite line, “I’m only asking you to drive, not to walk!” and make sure to not agreed to hang out with her unless SHE drives. That works!

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