I owe you one. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Sev…

A love letter to AY, visit new mom Wen and her almost half year old baby girl Sue Yi, phone call to V whose birthday falls on 17th this month, catch up with Datin K who’s working as a tea lady at Canon, a ferris wheel date with someone who calls me ah chat, a pending treat from senior YF heheh – pray hard that she’ll hear good news from UK 🙂 , a rainbow teddy head for LD (for me), and more than anything else, I owe mom and dad a lifetime of myself becoming a better, responsible adult, which I’ve yet to do so at this point, miserably.

Ok, I’m digressing.

Though I’ve a Virgoan sun on my back, I’m far from being consistent. I can’t stay put in one place for too long. I get restless. That’s how _butt got its name anyway hahah.

Been a while since I’m back on the messenger, typing late into the night again lately. Back for good though. I got back in touch with friends whom I thought would not remember (like always) the last time we’ve chatted, count my blessings they did. I realized just how much I’ve missed you, like always. So once again, as cheesy as what Billy Joel’s Just the way you are may have sounded like, thank you for being who you are!


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