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This entry shows the worst side of yours truly. I need a space to bitch right now so spare me the nice girl impression just for this post.

It happened 2 weeks or so ago. But I can’t stop talking about her, not even after I grumbled about it to Panda and a senior colleague. I can’t stop thinking about what this friend did that make me so undeserved and feel like I’ve been taken for granted, all in one night. I’m an all or nothing person. I rarely spend my hard ass earned money on just a particular friend, but I thought we really had good times together whenever we’re out for a drink or movie so I thought, why not? We’ve known each other for years, since secondary school, though we only start meeting often recently.

The intention was to treat her a nice dinner since it was her birthday, though I didn’t directly mentioned to her that it was going to be a treat.

So I picked her up from home, which is quite a distance from my place, drove us all the way to somewhere nice for dinner. She had a few complains about some mosquito harassing her legs and not enough side dishes that she ordered more. I was quite taken aback by her sudden ravenous appetite. That, fine, though I didn’t see it coming.

The bill came and I paid it, and really, I honestly don’t mind to foot the bill as long as I know she enjoyed the dinner. She was quite delighted, but not as ecstatic in the face as I thought she would. That, fine, too, knowing that I had a nice, wholesome dinner myself.

It wasn’t until I send her home, and right before getting out of the car she asked hesitantly about the bill and whether she should pay half of it. I said that’s all right and she just got off the car and waved goodbye. That’s it.

Like, hello, where’s my thank you??

I just… I don’t know if I’m the one at fault here for having this expectation of her thanking me for a nice dinner. That’s the very least of courtesy you can do for someone who’s willing to treat you, right? No? Will someone please educate me here??

Ever since that incident, I started counting down the times I had to pick her up from her place just so we could go to the malls together. She has a driving license and said that she occasionally drives her dad’s 4WD and at the same time telling me that she doesn’t have transport to go the mall whenever I invited her out for movies. Bullshit. And damn I’ve been treated like a convenient doormat all this while.

Worst, we have arranged a trip to CH, weeks before I discovered her true colors. I seriously want to back out from ruining this wonderful trip I’ve been planning for months because of her.

I know I shouldn’t feel this way, bitching about her to the world. Good friends don’t do that, but this won’t do any justice to myself either. I’m now turning into this evil person who pretended everything is all right in front of her and bitch behind her back. I really can’t get over it. Help!!


I owe you one. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Sev…

A love letter to AY, visit new mom Wen and her almost half year old baby girl Sue Yi, phone call to V whose birthday falls on 17th this month, catch up with Datin K who’s working as a tea lady at Canon, a ferris wheel date with someone who calls me ah chat, a pending treat from senior YF heheh – pray hard that she’ll hear good news from UK 🙂 , a rainbow teddy head for LD (for me), and more than anything else, I owe mom and dad a lifetime of myself becoming a better, responsible adult, which I’ve yet to do so at this point, miserably.

Ok, I’m digressing.

Though I’ve a Virgoan sun on my back, I’m far from being consistent. I can’t stay put in one place for too long. I get restless. That’s how _butt got its name anyway hahah.

Been a while since I’m back on the messenger, typing late into the night again lately. Back for good though. I got back in touch with friends whom I thought would not remember (like always) the last time we’ve chatted, count my blessings they did. I realized just how much I’ve missed you, like always. So once again, as cheesy as what Billy Joel’s Just the way you are may have sounded like, thank you for being who you are!

Archie was in Malaysia!

I went, I saw and I survived (the banshee fans). Thank God. Thoroughly enjoyed his performance! Would love to see him perform with his band next time hehe.

Reminiscing romance.

Last night, I was listening to Eason’s old songs again and decided to youtube some of his MVs. One thing led to another, I typed ‘Jeremy Chang’ and it led me to one of his best songs 美麗的花蝴蝶, which happens to be the soundtrack of my old time favourite HK movie, 92 Legendary La Rose Noire starring Tony Leung Kar Fai, Maggie Siu Mei Kei, Teresa Mo and the like of other famous actors. I remember watching the parody film when I was in my primary school years and until last night, I still find myself laughing hysterical over the many funny scenes that is sooo irresistible not to have a giggling fit! *LD saw me laughing away like a hyena* Anyway if you heard about the infamous Hak Mui Gwai story, then you know what it’s all about in this film. I absolutely adore the chemistry between Tony (Lui Kei) and Maggie Siu, which is why I love this song by Jeremy Chang. 🙂

Have you met anyone that has everything you’re not?

I have, and I’m sure you do too, at some point of your lives. I’m pretty good at comparing myself with people around me, because it means I’m good at judging people too. Because that’s what everyone would say about themselves, regardless you admit it or not. And I admit, that I’m rather choosy when it comes to making friends. But once we’re close, I take you for life. Like what I said to good old fat cat, I treat them like diamonds, provided you don’t sell them somewhere else. I happen to encounter one lately, but that’s another day story.

Today, this entry is about her. Someone I’ve known at work. She’s goofy but nice, an open book kind of person. Tactless would be the only bad connotation to describe her, because she’s held no reservation at all when it comes to getting her point across. But she meant no harm of course. And that is why I think, most guys would appreciate the entertaining kind of girl like her. She’s a sparkling personality, bright smile, always willing to share, and everything I’m not.

We go out for lunch together, and she would be dominating the conversation on table most of the time with her once upon a time stories, complete with her animated gestures. I studied her expression, and I looked over at the guys who laughed at her jokes despite the lameness of it.

I wonder why I’m not anything like her.