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I sensed it. I get the feeling that something is not quite right ever since that mail. Whenever we discuss about work I held my breath against the air of discomfort about her. I try to suppress it, kept reminding myself that I’m learning and not everyone is right. I’m not always right of course, but what makes her right all the time then?


The Muthu Mystery part I.

Ever wonder where your wild imagination runs to while you’re waiting the traffic light to turn green?

You will never see ais kacang the same way again…

Muthu is an ais kacang seller, famous for his, well… ais kacang. A lot of people patronized his stall to satisfy their cravings for a bowl of throat-cooling goodness of shaved ice dessert, dressed with sweet flavoured syrup and grass jelly. Little did they know the secret ingredient behind Muthu’s best selling ais kacang…

You see, Muthu’s ais kacang business was not used to be this good. His life didn’t fare too well either, he had a bad habit of gambling. He gambles a lot, but seldom wins. He gambles to the point of losing a lot of money, and he borrowed more money from loan sharks to gamble, only to lose it all. Life was not fair to him, said Muthu, and he vowed to win his life back someday.

One day, a loan shark worker named Ah Ngau came to find Muthu to collect debt on behalf of his boss. Of course, having no money at all to pay, Muthu refuses to see him. He hides in his home all day, until Ah Ngau had to find a way to break in to his house. Muthu was caught cooking maggie noodles in the dark of his kitchen when Ah Ngau surprised him with his visit and demanded payment.

Muthu and Ah Ngau got into a fight, and out of desperation Muthu grabbed an ice pick from the kitchen counter top and stabbed Ah Ngau on the chest. Blood spurted everywhere on the kitchen wall and floor. Ah Ngau died on the spot. Muthu realized that he had killed Ah Ngau. He panicked and didn’t know what to do. As he frantically search for an escape, he spotted a big case of plastic container where he stored the ice for his ice kacang business. Muthu drags the lifeless body and dump the corpse into the container and closes it shut. He cleans up the blood, including the wall in his kitchen to wipe off the evidence and proceed to eat his maggie noodles.

Everything was back to normal and Muthu resumed selling his ais kacang as usual. He packs the ice from the big case of plastic container and shave the ais to make ais kacang. Business was good that day. Muthu was happy and wondered if things had change for good.

… to be continued.

Author’s note: I have nothing personal against ais kacang but I gotta admit that the inspiration came from an infamous HK horror flick years ago. Sounded pretty manglish eh? Thought I’d make a decent script out of the rough draft and a short film to go with someday haha.

What Earth Hour does to us.

Case in point:

Yesterday, LD told me that mom has decided to complete her kitchen chores before 8.30pm tonight. She’d even reminded us to be home earlier for dinner.

I find it thoroughly amusing though that an ordinary homemaker like my mom, who’d previously against the idea of carrying own grocery bags to shop, has now caught herself on the hype of earth hour… *whispers* I wonder if she’s aware of it or not… talk about the power of mass media!

Be it a worldwide publicity scam or simply a short break for our beloved Gaia, Happy Earth Hour everyone.

What PMS does to you.

Today I feel so blah. My writing blah and my job is even blah. Everything around me so blah. Everyone just… blah. You blah, I blah, the whole world blahh. Blahhhh….


My heart felt the heaviest tonight. I had a big catch and nailed it at first bait, but now I’ve to let it go to the vast sea because the shaman back in village foretells that something fishy is in the catch. Or at least that’s what he thinks. The fish might not come my way again, will it?

There’s a lesson learned in learning to let go. It is about knowing how bad you so wanted it and sometimes can’t have it, just because. Because you know you can always fish for another one. Maybe it tastes better in fried? Metaphorically speaking, of course, if you could figure me out.