strong enough.

God, I feel like hell tonight
Tears of rage I cannot fight
I’d be the last to help you understand
Are you strong enough to be my man?

Yeah, I wish for a man like that. But man aside, yours truly been pushed into being what it’s like to be strong for someone other than yourself lately. Because I believe you can’t be strong for self knowing that you have no purpose doing so, but then if you did, you must be strong enough to support another weary soul to be strong as well, which goes back to saying that you need someone you’d care strongly for, to be strong.

You know what it’s like to put up a front of someone else other than what you are inside? Someone who’s rock steady and always look on the bright side no matter how down the moment is? But deep inside, you’re a crumbling cookie. You’re well aware that you can break down anytime soon.

And you so badly wanted to give up. So Godamn badly. But you can’t. Something’s holding you back. Something that makes you want to fight back. Show your strength. You’re not about to lose it soon just yet. Not now. Not until you give it all you’ve got. Because you know that things are not going to change if you drown in self-misery. You have to make your move. You have to be strong. So that someone you cared most can be strong too.

I hope you are. Because then I’ll see that I can be strong for myself as well.


3 responses to “strong enough.

  1. what happen??? sharing is caring… LOL…

  2. with you, sure bocor everything la 😛

  3. What happened babe? You know you can always talk to me. Always.


    I hope everything is better now.

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