What’s up Valentine.

I’ll be celebrating S.A.D on Valentine’s day working half-day and later be off to post office to re-new my sister’s driving license. For some strange reason I’d just don’t give much thought about it anymore as I did before. You know, avoiding malls and places where you will inevitably bump into affectionate couples holding bouquet of flowers (that will die in the next 3 days), walking hand in hand, looking lovey-dovey in the eyes. I would be lying to say that I don’t cringe upon that kind of PDA, but that’s because I’m not involved in any committed relationship yet so I’m not saying that I’m a die hard fan of being single… *whispers* just in case cupid’s around the corner…

Sincerely though, I hope you loving couples have a great one today. Ok, not just loving couples but to those loving and loved, celebrate it the best way you can. Life’s too short to think about Valentine’s day being over-commercialized and all. Like, whatever lah right?

Happy weekend.


5 responses to “What’s up Valentine.

  1. Happy Valentines! *muah*

  2. PDA? personal display affection… LOL!!! Happy V day!!!

  3. Being single means freedom! 😛

  4. i think boycott is more or less the most exciting thing to do on V’s day.. lol

    Happy Valentine’s Day! 😀

    Oh yeah, sry abt yesterday.. halfgreenfish

    promise go watch movie together later la
    as long i am still here..

    workaholic..lazy 😛

  5. Don’t worry, Cupid will strike soon, for you.


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