chop, chop.

There’s an odd sense of self-fulfillment when you arrive early at work. Especially when everyone else is not as early as you are. Gets you in a good headstart mood of the day. You can have your breakfast at your own sweet time and pace, read the morning papers, surf youtube, turn the music on as loud as you want, blogging maybe, off to toilet afterwards to do your ‘big business’ without having to worry about anyone wondering how long you’ve been ‘incubating’ inside the toilet. It’s a habit for keeps. Arriving early at work that is, not the toilet.

On top of that, I think the most liberating part of all is the absence of noise (other than the one you make).

So I should thank my sister for this? Because if I don’t have to get out of home early to drop her off to Uni, I wouldn’t know the value of it all. Part of me in my head is screaming myself to go back to sleep but I stuffed the voice in deep and unheard. Just don’t go there I tell myself. Just do it. Get going, moving, rise and shine. Chop, chop (I digged that!).

Good morning everyone.


4 responses to “chop, chop.

  1. Good keep up the good work!!! Please come n fetch me to work also.. thanks..

  2. Sorry, haven’t been visiting for a while. Was home and could not access the Internet. And I will reply the email asap dear. Heehee.

    Anyway, I’ll be starting work – soon.

    How have you been?


  3. It’s good that you can think in this way… haha.

    Maybe I can meet up with lil dev when she transfer to Kampar. Haha.

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