desperately needs a kickstart mode.

Back to work Monday. I got back home from grandma’s place last Tuesday ago. We had a quiet round of celebration of chinese new year. It’s getting more quiet every year that the sound of house flies buzzing around grandma’s kitchen is what I remember most about the occasion *cringe*. A good bunch of entertaining shows on TV and fair variety of snacks kept me in the celebratory mood, but not much to heart’s content, literally. Maybe I held my hopes high, expecting something different about this year’s new year, but, can’t help it that I wasn’t in the mood.

Honestly, I didn’t really allow myself happy being at home with family, where my folks’ idea of enjoying the holiday is to stay put and go nowhere except the temple (has its own blog as well) for prayers and where else but a short walk near Lumut pier. Every single year we did. I’ve been away from home more often now I guess, that when I really need to stay in, I get sheer restless and feel as if the hours are wasted in vain. Sure, I do get my much needed rest and finished reading a couple of books. But something irks me. We’re back early, and many have started work early. Holiday season is o-vah. I have to start loathing shopping malls now, with my frugal expenses on. Everything is back to the daily grind. Bluerghh. Is that why people say it’s never a good idea to take on a long holiday sometimes?

I’m not done with January yet, and February is already kicking me on the butt. Come on, I need time to digest!


2 responses to “desperately needs a kickstart mode.

  1. LOL… u think u only have this repetitive CNY every year!!! wakakkaa… next time u organise something new lar….wakakkaa

  2. yalar. since this I’m the owner of this blog I presumed I’m the one feeling this way lor lol

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