words derailed.

I remembered how passionate I was about blogs and blogging. That was back in 2005. I blogged without a care, and can effortlessly type a weekly essay of my nonsensical thoughts. That was back in 2006. Blogging then becomes a different play toy of words. You get comments. You get self-conscious of what you put in to words. You want attention and get blend in with other fellow bloggers. You want your blogs, at a close point, to become among the most read or most popular in the blogosphere. That was back in 2007. The real world sinks in after Uni life. Sporadic entries and random photos. I don’t know what happened to my blogging last year but, like yours truly, a change is going on. You may not comprehend my entries from there, but that’s completely all right.

So, no surprise what will my blog and blogging be for 2009. But I’ll get to it, at least once a month, or whenever I feel like it. I use to love blogging so much but a little less now, because life is so much about what’s out there, and what you have to spill some of the leftover feelings here.

Still, I want you to keep blogging because I’m reading yours instead. Yeah, selfish little creature I am. Bite me lah. 😛


4 responses to “words derailed.

  1. *BITES* 😆

    Blog whenever you like. After all, the blog belongs to you. 😉


  2. new broom sweeps well??? or hangat-hangat tahi ayam??? bulleyes??!!! wakakakka.. don’t worry… I’m also like that.. welcome to the club…

  3. jemima,
    you’re always the most supportive! muah! 🙂

    *more hugs in return*

    ni apa new broom hangat tahi bulleyes?? 😛

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