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first day of cny

dsc00173Somewhere in Lumut, Perak.


first post for 2009.

Arrived at office 07.29 a.m. I was early because I’ve to drop my sis and her friend off at campus. I seriously mind at first, for having to wake up earlier than I should and drove all the way to PJ then back to Sunway. But then I thought twice, if I’ve chosen to to sleep for another hour, I’ll be due for the horrendous traffic I’ve already endured on 24/7 basis, skip breakfast, late for work because I’ve to parked my car far from office, and feeling dragged down the whole day listening to depressing songs to feed off my PMS mood.

So I’ve decided to pass that one hour sleep and offered my sis a lift despite my very, very sluggish state of mind. But you know what, I’m glad I did. Out of home before 7 a.m., traffic on Federal Highway was not as bad and I manage to drop them off and reached office early within half an hour. Nice. Had time to make coffee and bought breakfast, re-read Coelho’s The Alchemist, reply e-mails, some blogging.

See how much that one hour difference makes?

Choices. There’s no good and bad ones. Just lessons.

Some updates. I turned workaholic last month and a confirmed shopaholic. Well, since you work hard, you might as well play hard as well right? I’ve been spending like mad, on food, books, clothes, bags, shoes! They don’t say retro-therapy for nothing haha. But to make myself feel a little less guilty on the splurge, I make sure all of them were bought on discounts. Of course, mega sales in Malaysia is all year-round so… nyek nyek.

Bought Dido’s new album Safe Trip Home. Unlike Jewel, her songs has definitely matured with time, and unlike Jewel, she hasn’t lose touch with her soul in songwriting despite 5 years absence. I am her big time loyal fan.

Something’s changed. I can’t believe I’m turning 25 this year!