Something about lala.

Me and a cute friend who called herself after a panda decided to get together at BTS to catch up for dinner + date with our dear Edward and Jacob on the silver screen. After we got the tickets from a gwei lou who mistakenly thought he bought them from IMAX theater, we wander around the mall for a bit, talking about dinner. Or so I thought.

Panda: You know there’s this Lala Chong shop somewhere… very dark inside… got VIP access…

Me: Lala Chong? Hmm… *imagine restaurant with dark interior, VIP access* But they say very nice woh…

Panda: Nice meh? *goes on rambling about dark Lala Chong shop*

Me: Nice to eat wut…

Panda: Eat?

Me: Lala Chong not seafood meh?

Panda: …

Me: OMG! You’re talking about *Lala Zhong (lala attire) ar??

I must be hungry.

*what you see in Sg. Wang


9 responses to “Something about lala.

  1. issh issh issh…..
    Sumore I asked you, ‘you know lala zhong’ then u say ‘yes’. -___________-||

    But I still prefer the guy who say robocop.
    HAHAHA… i mean his joke, not the guy.

  2. lala zhong?

    few at and times square there..
    drink ice lemon tea~
    cool down~

  3. Walau… so cold joke!!! Some crows just flew by!!! *sweat*

  4. Hahaha…. must be so hungry!!!

  5. I think I know the shop that you friend was talking about. It’s the Harajuku shop and the attires are all very gothic and Harajuku-ish.


  6. HAHAHHAHAAAA!!! speechless!

  7. yep Kyels, shop called i-sock/s. 🙂 I must admit I felt a bit intimidated by the shop exterior.

  8. Hello butt_ butt_ how are you? looks like you are going to be okay with your second job?

    Nice seeing you! Happy new year and a great weekend!


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