I can’t believe I did but I think I just did. I fcuking hated to be pigeon-holed. And yet I would think, but that is why I got hired in the first place. It’s just a job. Just an utterly frustrating moment where I just snapped.

Promise to manage my demons better next time. It’s the gift-ing season, gotta be thankful and have gratitude. Lots of it.

7 responses to “Snap!

  1. Can I have a crocodile soup? Please make it SNAPPY!!! Hahahaha…. just chill lar…

  2. kkjm,
    ha-ha-ha. lame joker you.

    chilling la now, needs lots of ice… coolness… ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. You’ll live. Just take it as an experience.


  4. LOL!!! BTW, where is my present??!!!

  5. let’s sing….
    “I will survive…yeah yeah…”
    Ur theme song right?

    Like Ellen said, Chilax.
    Let’s go out and chilax more often. XD

  6. Mmm … We do snap once in a while. Life’s quirky and things happen dear.

    I hope to hear from you soon. Miss writing to you. It sounds cliche but really.



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