i miss.

No matter how many episodes I’ve missed in Grey’s Anatomy, I’ve always manage to get myself back to them and cry all over again.

No matter how ‘distracted’ (‘busy’ is such a blah) I get, I’d always find myself some time to miss people that I love/hate being around with, the things we did, talked and laughed about. But most of all, I’m glad for them being a part of my life just as I, being a part of theirs. Hope they enjoy my company.

There are times when things get rough and make you go Grrrrrrr *pull hair ends* #%^@%##@ but believe it, as long as you’re breathing, things always get better. Always. Until you realize the damage (your hair) is done.

And the many things that I wouldn’t have thought of doing. I think I’m wrapping up the old me for good.

This blog is crap-filled and yet it’s my gold mine of thoughts.

December is here. Time for introspective check?


6 responses to “i miss.

  1. Well, got miss me mou? 😛

  2. december is my birthday… where is my present.. thank u!!!

  3. Miss me too! *tumpang DD* 😛

  4. hey, check out this Sony commercial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y50UWDRAAIA

    this is the commercial that use stop motion and clay making with 30ft high rabbit stand at the center of the city, nice! 🙂

    they always came up with great ideas!


  5. lol someone stop by to do promotion =/

    Anyway December is here it’s time for santa clause to visit 😛

  6. You better miss me okay?!


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