Yes or no?

So I’ve been wondering. Why am I still *toot* single.

A very good question to ask myself (and you too, if you’re single and desperately available) is to play a quick Yes/ No.

Would you consider dating yourself? Quick, quick, Yes or No? Yes or No? Yes or No?

I already knew.


12 responses to “Yes or no?

  1. No. Well, for the time being lah… LOL.

  2. Does it matter???

    Leave it to GOD. He knows what/who is best for us.

  3. I’m sad too….

    Can you help me get a girl?

  4. I’m not desperate but I’d like to try dating myself. Might end up verbally bruised. HAHAHAHA!


  5. Hi! Bloghopping…I can introduce you to someone if you are interested…hehehe

  6. eventho im old but stil can sextify u…LOL 😛

  7. Dating myself? LOL
    Nope… not really into dating these days… enjoying other stuff 🙂

  8. ask Himukai-san for zhi tim ^^

    kkjm> single? pls la 😛 go find your gf la

  9. My bf always says I drive him up the walls because I’m so crazy and talkative and complicated! I would like to date myself for a couple of days to see how crazy I really am!!


  10. seichai LD!!! please help me to look for gf!!!

  11. I’m not desperate for this moment. Haha… Love the freedom I hv of being single.

  12. Desperate? Hmm. Not really. Depends.
    Date? well, I won’t say no if there’s a special one. 🙂

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