I’m a big, big fan of Eason Chan’s songs. One of his Mandarin hits, 7, or ‘qi’ (his Mandarin album out quite some time ago so not sure if it’s the latest) is my current favourite. I don’t fancy much Mandarin songs but he’s an exception hehe.

Once upon a time ago, I told a friend, fellow blogger himself, that I wanted to get a tattoo on my back. I said I want it to be seven in chinese character. Now, just the other day I heard Eason Chan on the radio being asked about the significance of his song ‘qi’. He had a tattoo of seven in chinese character at the back of his neck and it was said that it has something to do with the song and someone. A-ha. He ‘sheepishly’ remarked it has nothing to do with him and that it could relate to anyone in the situation where you find yourself moving on after a broken relationship and one night you’re out drinking and suddenly thought of him/her again and sort of being in the moment of revelation that you haven’t got over the person yet.

Ain’t it sad.

Anyway! Where was I? Yeah, the song. And btw, I didn’t know Eason had a 7 tattoo. I mean, yeah I know his lucky number is 7 but damn! I thought I was the only one thought of having a seven chinese character tattoo. And he already has it!

I MUST get one soon.


9 responses to “7.

  1. So, when are you getting the tattoo?

    I have a friend who tattooed his ex gf’s name on his ‘ahem’ … now he has to explain it all the time, he says … 😛

  2. Moz,
    hopefully before I hit the big 30 on my birthday! XD

    OMG!! hahah! can’t be removed eh? 😛

  3. cum i help u MAKE chat times…can u take it… 😛

  4. Wah, _butt jie so kek? LOL~

    I still like that Aren’t You Glad song very much… hehe.

  5. Tattoo!!!???? @#$%^&*()_
    Ur mum let meh??? Ur auntie still don’t let me get one.. unless i dun stay in the house!!! Sei meh.. me plan to get one… at least next year or 2010… join me?? YATTA!!!

  6. oldman,
    I purposely blog this entry to see if you’re still around the blogosphere or not. 😛

    wah, your ‘service’ can be trusted or not ga?

    all Eason’s songs are nice! 😀

    she early early sudah cakap dah. mai sin zhau hau zhau lo, if you know what I mean 😉 nyek nyek

  7. Eh tattoo on the lower back la! that’s the sexiest part to get tattooed on! 😛

  8. Are you seriously planning on getting a tattoo?


  9. Kyels,
    seriously serious. 😉

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