sungai lembing travelogue.

25 Oct 2008
3 p.m. – 1 a.m.

We started our journey to Kuantan around 3pm on Saturday (10 of us in 2 cars) and reached Cherating beach by 7pm. A little too late, as we missed the sunset and got ourselves under drizzly sky for a welcome instead. The place itself was not what we have in mind. It looks… desolated and barren. 😦 Wrong timing perhaps. We had seafood for dinner, which costs us a whopping RM200 plus. (I’ve heard stories of restaurants who charged tourists by the number plate of their registered vehicles). Most of us thought seafood there are cheaper or something because the foods we ordered were just normal dishes like claypot taufoo and kangkung belachan aside from chickens, prawns and stuffed crabs.

Still had few hours left before we depart to Sungai Lembing, so we decided to make our way to Teluk Chempedak and hang around at a fast food outlet there, just catching up and chatting, camwhoring (a friend dozed off due to the long drive) while some of us head for the beach (I decided to stay to enjoy the breeze). The place was happening with families, children, tourists, craft & souvenir business operators, drunken mat sallehs, packed! We saw sleeping bags and people putting up tents for an overnight by the beach too.

Just when we wanted to make our way out of the town to get to Sungai Lembing, we got ourselves lost! Apparently, there were no signboards (we all know how ‘reliable’ signboards are in Malaysia) that will lead us to Sungai Lembing, but thank goodness a friend’s relative knew the place and he was kind enough to go all the way to take us to the right destination, phew! That night was really late, around 12-ish am already. That’s when things got a bit creepy as we make our way to the hilly roads of Sungai Lembing, passing through some palm oil estate. There were no street lights whatsoever, and all we have is our car headlights to lead the way and plenty of >> road signs. I was seated in the middle at the back seat, facing front. Somewhere at the back of my mind, I wonder if something would jumped out in front of us…

And something did!

Well, almost. Jo the superwoman driver slammed the brakes hard at the sight of many pair of glinting eyes in the dark. A herd of cows were crossing the path we’re in and I didn’t really remember if the cows were spooked as well at our glaring presence. That’s when I knew I fell asleep because I got awakened by the shock and go OMG OMG!! in everyone’s face. Lol. From that moment on, I stay wide awake and looked ahead to spot the cows and pray to God that we can all make it there, safe and sound.

To be continued…


7 responses to “sungai lembing travelogue.

  1. No photos??? 😛

  2. Jemima,
    all under my photobucket! plan to upload some to my fb soon =)

  3. How can posts like this no photos??? 😛

  4. nasib tak jumpa hantu!!! only cows!!!

  5. day-dreamer,
    can de, my blog, my way. 😛

    thank God!

  6. Photos please!


  7. Kyels,
    uploaded some in fb! 🙂

    I know, not much. 😛

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