My shortlived attempt on NaNoWriMo

I remember during one of my study semesters back in college, I had to give a speech during public relations class about myself. I thought it was easy. I was feeling pretty confident that I could nail it with just a scrap of something I’ve scribbled last minute. And I fall flat on my face. Splat that!

I stammered and I couldn’t remember what I was supposed to say, my mind went blank and that’s it. I set myself up to see how a clown I was to everybody’s amusement. The lecturer, who appears to be sarcastically sympathetic (or sympathetically sarcastic) at that time asked me one question.

“Where did you get that English accent?”

“Err… from TV?”

Such naiveness deserved a rounding applause, don’t I?

But I don’t speak like that anymore. The accent is blardy annoying I know. Hah! Back to topic, I wanted to challenge myself in this year’s NanoWriMo, but judging by the amount of work on pending lane, I’ll give it a shot when one of those writer’s block moments strike again.

Btw, Bukit Panorama is nothing to shout about. But the hike is definitely a humbling experience I’ll never forget. Nice to catch up with Mother Earth again.


7 responses to “My shortlived attempt on NaNoWriMo

  1. Growing up, I used to carry around a thick American accent. Not only that, I thought I was American too. But like you said, it seemed to annoy some people around me, and making friends during school was hard because of that. They’ll ask you if you’re from abroad, and will be more than please to be your friend if you say you are, but the moment you say you’re not, you could see how their faces change and they’ll just walk away from you. Lol. Of course, it was easy to let Manglish seep in lah.

    I still speak like that – it’s not something I fake, I just have it. I can switch between that and the local accent anytime – so it does depend who I talk to. Haha. Weird huh? 😛

  2. Hey, I dunno u got English accent geh !!! Nice.. maybe I should talk english with u when we meet!!! Ok, mate…Hahahaha!!! ROFL!!!

  3. I’ll have to speak to you to know the accent that you have. Hehe.

    I tried for NaNoWriMo two years back but I was too caught up w/school that my writer’s block got worst and in the end I had to give it up. Maybe I should challenge myself again this year?!


  4. I am scared too if want me to speak at public..

    Wah english accent ar.. then you got to speak to me slowly.. I need time to understand de…

  5. lets talk english accent today! *in english accent*

    – buy me a millefeuille.. pls? *english accent* (^-) *hopeful*

  6. vern,
    same here. although I’m slighty slanted toward Manglish now. lol.

    I would love to hear your accent. 🙂

    hahah, jahat you, call LD to saupei XD

    no need wan. see? hehe

    little devil,
    lu cakap apa wa ni?

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