Monthly Archives: November 2008

i miss.

No matter how many episodes I’ve missed in Grey’s Anatomy, I’ve always manage to get myself back to them and cry all over again.

No matter how ‘distracted’ (‘busy’ is such a blah) I get, I’d always find myself some time to miss people that I love/hate being around with, the things we did, talked and laughed about. But most of all, I’m glad for them being a part of my life just as I, being a part of theirs. Hope they enjoy my company.

There are times when things get rough and make you go Grrrrrrr *pull hair ends* #%^@%##@ but believe it, as long as you’re breathing, things always get better. Always. Until you realize the damage (your hair) is done.

And the many things that I wouldn’t have thought of doing. I think I’m wrapping up the old me for good.

This blog is crap-filled and yet it’s my gold mine of thoughts.

December is here. Time for introspective check?


Yes or no?

So I’ve been wondering. Why am I still *toot* single.

A very good question to ask myself (and you too, if you’re single and desperately available) is to play a quick Yes/ No.

Would you consider dating yourself? Quick, quick, Yes or No? Yes or No? Yes or No?

I already knew.

10.40 p.m.

I’m still in the office, at my cube, blogging off this entry.

Just came back from some international design conference in KL. Was there for two days. Prominent speakers. Completely blown my mind away. What an eye-opening experience.

too close for comfort.

Last Friday, out with a friend of mine who’s a huge fan of Barney (if she’s reading this, I’ll know) :P, and we’re looking for a place to dine at Gardens when genius me suggested the newly open Canton-i.

You’ll see why I’m a genius.

As we approached the place, we were told that seats for 2 is currently full at the moment. Fine, so we decided to wait. Less than 5 minutes, someone came and lead us to our table… no, not just a table but a rectangular-sized table which I find it amusingly odd, but what’s seriously odd about it is that it is arranged an inch apart from the rest. Just. An inch.

Damn! How can I forget??

Already, tables between ours are seated with patrons enjoying their meals. I wanted to leave right there and then because I don’t feel comfortable at the idea of having to shout over to my friend to confess about having this secret crush on someone… but for the sake of my stomach and friend, I relented.

Speaking of crush, there’s another could-be/not-be couple having their dinner beside us. I can’t help it to notice that the guy seated next to my friend is not feeling comfortable too at this sort of closeness, and the girl is trying to ease the tension by suggesting which is which in the menu and talk about some friend having a honeymoon somewhere in Europe every year… Ok, can’t help it!

Anyway, I got over the discomfort for a while. Or so I thought, when I let things slip from my mouth, things like…

This is probably the worst place to dine for a date, eh?

… without ever thinking that duh! There’s a couple just right next to us who are probably listening to… well, us!



I’m a big, big fan of Eason Chan’s songs. One of his Mandarin hits, 7, or ‘qi’ (his Mandarin album out quite some time ago so not sure if it’s the latest) is my current favourite. I don’t fancy much Mandarin songs but he’s an exception hehe.

Once upon a time ago, I told a friend, fellow blogger himself, that I wanted to get a tattoo on my back. I said I want it to be seven in chinese character. Now, just the other day I heard Eason Chan on the radio being asked about the significance of his song ‘qi’. He had a tattoo of seven in chinese character at the back of his neck and it was said that it has something to do with the song and someone. A-ha. He ‘sheepishly’ remarked it has nothing to do with him and that it could relate to anyone in the situation where you find yourself moving on after a broken relationship and one night you’re out drinking and suddenly thought of him/her again and sort of being in the moment of revelation that you haven’t got over the person yet.

Ain’t it sad.

Anyway! Where was I? Yeah, the song. And btw, I didn’t know Eason had a 7 tattoo. I mean, yeah I know his lucky number is 7 but damn! I thought I was the only one thought of having a seven chinese character tattoo. And he already has it!

I MUST get one soon.