unfinished business.

I’ll be going for a hiking trip to Bukit Panorama this weekend.

My first hiking trip for God knows how many years.

I know mom is gonna scream at me about my unfinished business.

LD Carbonara will have to wait Monday.

Mei Chern’s gig will have to wait too. 😦

Still haven’t got a new evening dress. Toyota Classics around the corner pretty soon. Like, next week!

And more work waiting. I had two critique session just now on my copywriting.

I’m mentally drained.

i just. Need a break.

Happy Holiday everyone.


6 responses to “unfinished business.

  1. Wooo… hiking!

    Have fun~ and be safe!

  2. Got your sulfur and salt?? Hahahaha!! Beware where u pee!!!

  3. ahhh Toyota Classics…. 😀

  4. take more pixxxxxxxxxxxx! LD

  5. Show me photos!


  6. Hi guys,

    I’m back and alive! photos coming soon. just don’t put too much high hopes on a lousy photographer like me. XD


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