How do you say it?

I wonder if you say it on purpose. You know, to drive me away for consciously driving you away.

I’m sorry. But you’ve been on my mind.

How do I say it? I can’t even bear to look at you in the eye.

Why the hell am I feeling scared?


6 responses to “How do you say it?

  1. I still feel that there’s something which you didn’t tell me at Fong Lye that day… 😛

  2. wahhh so deep deep thought….

  3. Sometimes we unconsciously drive people away when we are confused or frustrated w/certain things in our life that has to do w/them. But we have to come w/terms of acceptance of how we are feeling and why do we feel so in order to find the solution.

    Kick back and relax! You’ll be okay soon.


  4. smile is what you need

    will be ok.

  5. Hmmm…I don’t really have words to convince. Sometimes I also do not know why I am feeling this or that way.

    Feelings of human, though it seems simple yet it is complicated. Much complicated than our brains!

    But I hoped you could sort this out soon as it is a tragedy to avoid or keep this feeling unknown.

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