Thank you you!

Thank you. You have no idea how much the 10-minute conversation meant to me, but maybe you have, which is why the conversation struck in the first place.

Trudging the road alone can be de-motivating sometimes, but then when someone appears and say along the  comforting lines of, “There is nothing wrong with being who you are,” with a wink, I just… felt warm all over. I felt touched. Somebody understands.

It’s human nature that we craved ourselves to be understood. I just… happen to find myself going against the wave lately and keep telling myself it’s fine, somebody is bound to pick up your vibe for sure, and if somebody don’t, you’ll be just fine.

This road is going to prepare myself just well.


6 responses to “Thank you you!

  1. Good for you! Add oil.

    (Btw I’m back in PJ again =x)

  2. Somebody actually touched you??

  3. I know exactly what you mean. One simple conversation can make such a big difference in our perspectives, and sometimes unintentionally becomes a source of encouragement. Makes you feel that you’re not entirely alone.

    Sometimes it’s hard, doing what we do, and life has its funny ways of tricking you sometimes. But I guess there’s a reason why we’re still standing where we are today – we’re survivors. 🙂

  4. Day-dreamer,
    so you’ve decided?

    yes. I’ve got nice body. don’t jeles. hah!

    exactly Vern. I’ll never forget that sentence, if ever. 🙂

    your ‘survivors’ sentence reminded me of that song by Destiny’s Child.

  5. Just be yourself. Originals are definitely better than fakes, noh?


  6. Kyels,
    yeah, originals are always better than pirated ones. XD

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