Monthly Archives: October 2008

unfinished business.

I’ll be going for a hiking trip to Bukit Panorama this weekend.

My first hiking trip for God knows how many years.

I know mom is gonna scream at me about my unfinished business.

LD Carbonara will have to wait Monday.

Mei Chern’s gig will have to wait too. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Still haven’t got a new evening dress. Toyota Classics around the corner pretty soon. Like, next week!

And more work waiting. I had two critique session just now on my copywriting.

I’m mentally drained.

i just. Need a break.

Happy Holiday everyone.


How do you say it?

I wonder if you say it on purpose. You know, to drive me away for consciously driving you away.

I’m sorry. But you’ve been on my mind.

How do I say it? I can’t even bear to look at you in the eye.

Why the hell am I feeling scared?

Writer’s block?

Try this.

  • Play with the size of your words/sentence. Highlight and enlarge them. Size does matter sometimes. Play with different font types as well.
  • Close your eyes and type away as you usually would. Imagine the words flow like fishes swimming in a stream of river in your head. Something like that. Now fish it! To hell with typo errors. Just once. Just type!
  • Make yourself a cup of coffee or strong-flavored tea. The invigorating aroma of the hot steaming cup is sure to make your mind surrender to the state of ‘kick back and relax’. In order words, get caffeinated.
  • Head to the toilet. Pee. Better still, take a shower.

Would you like to add yours? Come, share.

Slimming tip #1

Research shows how slim and sex-ay a woman can be sashaying in heels. That for sure.

Research also shows how we can burn calories by doing substantial amount of housework. Or something like that.

So I came up with this zany 2-in-1 idea. Wear your favourite 3-inch heels and start mopping the floor! Mop your way to a slimming seductive you!

Ok, I’m lame. Sue me.

Thank you you!

Thank you. You have no idea how much the 10-minute conversation meant to me, but maybe you have, which is why the conversation struck in the first place.

Trudging the road alone can be de-motivating sometimes, but then when someone appears and say along theย  comforting lines of, “There is nothing wrong with being who you are,” with a wink, I just… felt warm all over. I felt touched. Somebody understands.

It’s human nature that we craved ourselves to be understood. I just… happen to find myself going against the wave lately and keep telling myself it’s fine, somebody is bound to pick up your vibe for sure, and if somebody don’t, you’ll be just fine.

This road is going to prepare myself just well.