Just thought it was funny to frame Buddy in a ‘tight’ situation and imagine her annoyed instead of squeaking for help. Muahahah.


Wedding biscuits with kaya filling (pic taken by LD). Mom’s youngest sis got married two weeks ago. Congratulations to the newly wed!


Me and LD had Taiwanese sort of cuisine @ The Garden’s Fong Lye for dinner sometime last week with friends. Set meals like above comes with a platter of three appetizers, a bowl of rice with minced pork and a small bowl of soup-of-the-day. Love the neat oriental design on plate and bowl as well. Day-dreamer mui, you should go for it soon. Nyek, nyek 😛


Prefer noodles instead? Then you may have what LD had that evening, Taiwanese minced meat sauce noodles. Generous serving of minced pork and sliced cucumbers and chopped spring onions yummm… Umm, not inclusive of what you saw in the spoon as it was ‘scooped’ from another set menu just as tantalizing to our taste buds… (we girls liked to pass some of our foods around)

This! Fried Fish Fillet with Tomato and Fried Egg. Chef’s recommendation and a must-have for first timers. (pic taken from here)

Enough on food. Final randomness of it all, finally got my tickets to Toyota Classics!

It’s for charity so yeah, nice. 🙂

Been a while since I’ve been to movies 😦 Technically, cinema is just a stone’s throw away from where I worked, but I couldn’t find the time to drop by. The last movie was about Vin Diesel becoming a father of twins and I hated the plot. A lot. Kyels know better that I did heheh.

Work has taken away most of my weekends on hostage *sob sob* though I still manage to sneak out for a breather; doing window shopping and stuff, only to realize that my mind is still on working mode! Because wherever I went, be it driving or walking or eating, I kept digesting all the words and signs along the way and thinking how it could improve my writing skills. Is this what they call an auto-pilot mode? The only way I could ‘switch’ it off is when I’m surfing the net, blogging about some randomness, and when I’m asleep.

But this is all part of the present that makes the future I want to be in so… gotta love the process to enjoy the ride.

Lately, I dig this song The Man who can’t be moved by The Script. [Click to listen]

September, my favourite month of all months, is coming to an end.


9 responses to “Randomness.

  1. Sept is your favourite month? Cool…me2~ Why? Because is your birthday month? ahah
    After read your blog, i have something to ‘busybody’ lolzzz..but duno suit to ask you here or not…ahha c u when u online. Weekend also busy online? hehe 😛

  2. LOL!!! Tak ajak me go also!!! Ceh!!! Movie?? Ajak me lor.. i teman you… !!!wakaka!!!

  3. wah~ so fast got comment liao?
    you guys like express-blog-reply?

    anyway_butt, you still haven’t get an evening dress?
    a good dress to attend a charity event 😀

    the wedding biscuit look like it sticks to the wall.. haha

  4. Aiseh… you went!! Bila bawa saya? 😛

    How’s the chawanmushi going? Hehe.

  5. Oh I love the Taiwanese minced meat sauce noodles!! Ate so much of those when I was in Taiwan beginning of this year. YUM!

  6. I know the feeling when work seems to be taking all your time! It’s been happening to me also 😦
    Seriously sometimes it’s freaky disturbing! I can’t seem to switch off from work even when I’m at home.
    We both need some vacation butty. Let’s go to some place where work doesn’t exist!!

  7. I want to go to the Vienna Operetta Orchestra!

    Anyway, this post is really random!


  8. wooot orchestra! but i dunno whether i will fall asleep there or not… 😛 Okla…. I did listen to classical music sometimes, and also those operatic songs. Muahahahaa

    And those r some yummy foood!

  9. wah looks like lots of food up there ;P

    where’s the orchestra performance video?!! 🙂

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