A language apart (Dear Aunt Agony style)

I had this little dilemma going on with my current job.

I like the idea of working in a team. Designers, they’re a bunch of fun people at work. But, we’ve a slight Houston situation going on, language wise. This is what de-motivated me sometimes, except that after-lunch drowsy dose. Maybe the first day I arrive at work I shouldn’t have mentioned I couldn’t speak Mandarin, because I can, whenever the gun-pointed-at-the-head kind of situation allows.

They pretty much communicate among themselves in fairly eloquent Mandarin during lunch, just makes me wonder if I could find a real-time remote and switch the voice-overs to English dubbing. It was one of those moments that makes me feel a tad regret for not taking Mandarin learning seriously in the past. Just a tad, because I still feel that English is a superior language, just as their case with Mandarin I believe.

And I think because of the issue of superiority over language medium, they felt ‘challenged’ at some point whenever I’m around and most certainly, vice versa. I’ve tried not to sound like Hermione wannabe during lunch conversation but then again, what else can I say except to interject with my safest Mandarin impression and added with an enlightening fact in Cantonese that I already know half of what they’re talking about? So sometimes all I did was nodding, and a lot of nod and absent-minded smiling, while resenting and seething under breath for not taking Mandarin lesson seriously in the past. Ok, that’s more than a tad regret now.

I’ve got to break the language gap. I want to get to know them beyond that barrier, you know, just a peek into their character. Maybe I’m desperate. But I have a reason. I want to make sure that things happened on my previous job won’t happen again, but I just kinda slide into it. 😦

Maybe things like this takes time? How long? 3 months? A year?

So how long it takes for one to blend in and really get to know their colleagues beyond colleagues?


10 responses to “A language apart (Dear Aunt Agony style)

  1. please use ur charm!!! kekeke… anyway.. u need to pick up some mandarin… slowly lor.. learn slowly….i myself also banana.. and still learning… so gambatte!!!

  2. Kkjm,
    got other detour or not besides Mandarin?

    you tak payah cakap sudah tahu banana liao. blek.

  3. Take time lor… Chinese is not that hard to pick up. Come, I talk to you in Chinese. LOL!

  4. Hi, cy! This is the first time i was heard you are encounter problems. Perhaps problems did happen to you before and only you are not telling to me 😥 (I still keep told my problems to you)
    You don’t know chinese…i mean those only talking like usual? Come i teach you whahahah!!!
    Slowly girl…you can find me chatting during lunch. Sometimes i quite shy to find you everytimes lolzzzz
    That day i found you in MSN because i just knew that you birthday was passed without i noticed that. Sorry for that cy…Happy Birthday To YOU!

  5. It takes time, but you’ll get there. Just like anything other things, one step at a time. Picking up another language is easier when you have people around to practice with you. Practice, practice, practice!

  6. It depends on the time spent together w/the colleagues. But there’s nothing to worry b/c at the end of day everyone can blend in unless they refuse to do so.

  7. hehe..i duno much bout chinese too..

    after u master it d, teach me ya? =P

  8. walau… like that say ur cuz!!! Me half banana nia!!!!

  9. Hello _butt, I don’t understand the language used but i think it’s very beautiful hehehehe


  10. Languages ARE a useful tool, forever and always. I’m glad that I hv been given strong foundations in both Eng and Mandarin, seeing that these 2 are the most important languages nowadays.

    Dont regret la… Come, hablo español con tú! 😛

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