Juggling seconds.

No matter how super we proclaimed ourselves to be at multitasking, each of us are granted the same 60 seconds a minute, 60 minutes for an hour, 24 hours a day’s worth. No more, no less. Take or leave. But knowing that when you leave, you’ll never gonna get them back. So basically, take is all you’ve got.

It certainly takes time to juggle a few things at one go without fall. A lot of it, depending on your skill and patience and tolerance and hmm… few cigarette butts while you’re at it? I’m thinking, if only what I have to juggle are just… tissue papers! When lifted, everything will sort of like flows into a slow motion mode in the video, let them drift around a bit in the air long enough for my mortal standard to catch their fall on time, nice and neat. All that to happen in a few seconds? If only.

We all know how seconds are capable to take away a person’s life in a terrible mishap. Presenting Mister Second(s), the ruthless killer over minutes and hours.

Isn’t it ironic that it’s called a second when you missed it and not gonna get them back on a second chance? Well, you have another second, and another to add to the second so technically you’re not missing anything, right?

Ah, the mind of an opportunist.

Back to the juggling business.


4 responses to “Juggling seconds.

  1. so deeeppp but nice entry!

    i wish i hv 72hrs a day… *sigh*

  2. Kyh,
    sure 72 hours enough? human nature. we always wanted more. 😉

  3. This entry is really deep but I guess all of us are into this juggling business, noh?

  4. hello, how are you? hehe

    wah, really deep lor ur entry.

    i wonder how many hours only consider enough. hmmmm

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