Confession #1

I knew the lines to Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a prayer pretty well. Especially the chorus part. The Oooooohhhhh…. we’re half way. Ok. Stop.

And I sing my lungs out to the song whenever I heard the familiar opening (sound of guitar on talk box?) over the radio, driving. A bit of speeding along the way. Just a bit, since, well, Kancil can only ‘leap’ so far.

Probably the only time where I feel less self-conscious than I usually would, is when we’re singing our heart out to our favourite song, and assumed nobody’s looking. Well, I don’t wanna know if they’re looking.

But I don’t think other motorists would hear me at the traffic standstill, would they?


5 responses to “Confession #1

  1. So what if they can hear???
    Let them think what they like.
    Let them say what they like.
    You’re you!!!

  2. Jemima,
    wow! you’ve got me all charged up early morning! love that, Jemima. yes, don’t care what they think, what they say, I’m getting to it! 🙂

  3. I do that too sometimes; Speeding singing the songs I loved.

    But hor,…the motorists can actually hear you. Try to turn the volume to about your singing tune, close the door and see if you can hear anything standing next to your car.

    But not so accurate la. Sometimes I’m sure you will also got carried away and sing louder than you thought you would. =)

    Anyhow, don’t stop singing!

  4. Yanczy,
    I had a ‘fishy’ feeling they will hear me. even if they don’t, furious head shake and gestures are enough to convince them I’m in the middle of some shower lalala session.

    but that won’t stop me. Hah!


  5. If I was singing and they can hear me I’d still carry on singing! Besides what is life w/o hedonistic pleasures?


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