Why (some) kids don’t like to read.

I have a theory.

I was at MPH bookstore the other day in search of Coelho’s titles when I caught a voice behind me. A dad was telling off his son (son’s age around 5 years old) for browsing a book at the fiction lot.

Daddy I-know-what’s-best-for-my-son:

Why are you holding that book? You know how to read it?? Put it back… wait until you know how to read… only then we’ll come back to it.

Do you think the son would someday return to the book he was holding in his hands once he knows how to read?

Pity, pity.


6 responses to “Why (some) kids don’t like to read.

  1. Unless of course the son was holding a Jackie Collins’ book. 😛

  2. YERRR how can the parent like that one?

    My parents would never, never do that. We’re free to hold any story books as long as we want. Haha.

    Happy weekend!

  3. How discouraging! Should let them try! The kid may not completely understand the books at first, but isn’t that how we all learn?!

  4. Maybe the son holding Playboy ler!!! Wakakaka ROFL…

  5. Or maybe the book title says
    “Daddy I-know-what’s-best-for-my-son”..

    I think the son will come back for the book or else he will become like one too!

  6. He should have encouraged his child rather than to say that. Parents these days.

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