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Just thought it was funny to frame Buddy in a ‘tight’ situation and imagine her annoyed instead of squeaking for help. Muahahah.


Wedding biscuits with kaya filling (pic taken by LD). Mom’s youngest sis got married two weeks ago. Congratulations to the newly wed!


Me and LD had Taiwanese sort of cuisine @ The Garden’s Fong Lye for dinner sometime last week with friends. Set meals like above comes with a platter of three appetizers, a bowl of rice with minced pork and a small bowl of soup-of-the-day. Love the neat oriental design on plate and bowl as well. Day-dreamer mui, you should go for it soon. Nyek, nyek 😛


Prefer noodles instead? Then you may have what LD had that evening, Taiwanese minced meat sauce noodles. Generous serving of minced pork and sliced cucumbers and chopped spring onions yummm… Umm, not inclusive of what you saw in the spoon as it was ‘scooped’ from another set menu just as tantalizing to our taste buds… (we girls liked to pass some of our foods around)

This! Fried Fish Fillet with Tomato and Fried Egg. Chef’s recommendation and a must-have for first timers. (pic taken from here)

Enough on food. Final randomness of it all, finally got my tickets to Toyota Classics!

It’s for charity so yeah, nice. 🙂

Been a while since I’ve been to movies 😦 Technically, cinema is just a stone’s throw away from where I worked, but I couldn’t find the time to drop by. The last movie was about Vin Diesel becoming a father of twins and I hated the plot. A lot. Kyels know better that I did heheh.

Work has taken away most of my weekends on hostage *sob sob* though I still manage to sneak out for a breather; doing window shopping and stuff, only to realize that my mind is still on working mode! Because wherever I went, be it driving or walking or eating, I kept digesting all the words and signs along the way and thinking how it could improve my writing skills. Is this what they call an auto-pilot mode? The only way I could ‘switch’ it off is when I’m surfing the net, blogging about some randomness, and when I’m asleep.

But this is all part of the present that makes the future I want to be in so… gotta love the process to enjoy the ride.

Lately, I dig this song The Man who can’t be moved by The Script. [Click to listen]

September, my favourite month of all months, is coming to an end.


Questioning silence.






A language apart (Dear Aunt Agony style)

I had this little dilemma going on with my current job.

I like the idea of working in a team. Designers, they’re a bunch of fun people at work. But, we’ve a slight Houston situation going on, language wise. This is what de-motivated me sometimes, except that after-lunch drowsy dose. Maybe the first day I arrive at work I shouldn’t have mentioned I couldn’t speak Mandarin, because I can, whenever the gun-pointed-at-the-head kind of situation allows.

They pretty much communicate among themselves in fairly eloquent Mandarin during lunch, just makes me wonder if I could find a real-time remote and switch the voice-overs to English dubbing. It was one of those moments that makes me feel a tad regret for not taking Mandarin learning seriously in the past. Just a tad, because I still feel that English is a superior language, just as their case with Mandarin I believe.

And I think because of the issue of superiority over language medium, they felt ‘challenged’ at some point whenever I’m around and most certainly, vice versa. I’ve tried not to sound like Hermione wannabe during lunch conversation but then again, what else can I say except to interject with my safest Mandarin impression and added with an enlightening fact in Cantonese that I already know half of what they’re talking about? So sometimes all I did was nodding, and a lot of nod and absent-minded smiling, while resenting and seething under breath for not taking Mandarin lesson seriously in the past. Ok, that’s more than a tad regret now.

I’ve got to break the language gap. I want to get to know them beyond that barrier, you know, just a peek into their character. Maybe I’m desperate. But I have a reason. I want to make sure that things happened on my previous job won’t happen again, but I just kinda slide into it. 😦

Maybe things like this takes time? How long? 3 months? A year?

So how long it takes for one to blend in and really get to know their colleagues beyond colleagues?

Juggling seconds.

No matter how super we proclaimed ourselves to be at multitasking, each of us are granted the same 60 seconds a minute, 60 minutes for an hour, 24 hours a day’s worth. No more, no less. Take or leave. But knowing that when you leave, you’ll never gonna get them back. So basically, take is all you’ve got.

It certainly takes time to juggle a few things at one go without fall. A lot of it, depending on your skill and patience and tolerance and hmm… few cigarette butts while you’re at it? I’m thinking, if only what I have to juggle are just… tissue papers! When lifted, everything will sort of like flows into a slow motion mode in the video, let them drift around a bit in the air long enough for my mortal standard to catch their fall on time, nice and neat. All that to happen in a few seconds? If only.

We all know how seconds are capable to take away a person’s life in a terrible mishap. Presenting Mister Second(s), the ruthless killer over minutes and hours.

Isn’t it ironic that it’s called a second when you missed it and not gonna get them back on a second chance? Well, you have another second, and another to add to the second so technically you’re not missing anything, right?

Ah, the mind of an opportunist.

Back to the juggling business.

Club 24.

I’m hiking on the pinnacle of my life, taking in the view from where I stand.

Got the job I wanted. Close enough to see myself doing for the next 2 years at most. For that, I’m truly thankful. The experience gained at my previous job, though not much to add to my job description, has been worth while.

I no longer lingered on those good old days at school just to be my comfortable self. I’m growing out of it, detaching my present from that dependent moment. I still continue to dream every night about meeting my old school mates and reminiscing a lot about how unpretentiously happy we were back then as kids, but times have changed. So do people. I bumped into one of my ex-mates who happens to be working at the same place, but he’s no longer a friend I use to know. I guess I’ll be okay with that, despite remembering how childish we were then fighting over Sarah Michelle Gellar poster.

I got to know myself better as a solid individual, where the part of you before school and after, was a completely different representation of you at that time. I didn’t understand that idea of transition at first, but gradually as the fog slowly lifted and the flow of things settled down I start to realise the need to pick up what’s left and move on, and now I’ll just put my focus on how I go about realising my dream castle into life, hopping on the path of those who shares the same vision along the process. It’s an enlightening thing.

Ever since I decided to quit my first job, I begin to commit myself into a phase of self-awareness, one that I’ve never experience before. I’ve once smelled death, and I’m very well aware of what the mind is capable of doing out of our deepest conscience. It can be a terrible picture, but I’ve discovered one thing out of this experience; the power of self-prayer is never to be underestimated. It’s a shame that most of us (past self included) turn to the higher being only when we’re lost, because the imaginary power is beyond what you might have read in The Secret or Law of attraction.

Love takes a lot of courage, because hurt is part and parcel of love and be loved. I’ve yet to find that courage again, because I threw the key away to the depths of sea once and now I need to fill the void of this heart of mine with something worth to compensate. Thankfully, family members and siblings are at near, but for how long? God knows, but I hope, enough to last at present. I’m loving the best and the worst of them, no matter how dysfunctional our family history can be.

If I were to describe it, mid-20s will belonged to an age group where ‘be yourself’ applies for people defining you as the black sheep. I like the black sheep analogy a lot, though it pays to be a whole you without being called after a hypocrite or narcissist or whatever terms to describe the state of self-indulgence. What, because I’m a human after all?

Last but not least, I’ll be getting more cryptic. It’s my way of balancing the day job.



Gorgeous puff of clouds on a sunny day of 17th September.

Here’s to a gorgeous year throughout to lovely buddy Angele who shares the same birthday as yours truly. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Angele! With many happy returns and hugs. 🙂