Slanting eyes as loving? You think?

This recent news was taken from an email forwarded by Jem (Thanks for sharing!), so I’m just gonna do the copy and paste version (part of the news) here.

Tuesday, Aug 12, 2008 9:23 am EDT

Spanish basketball team poses for offensive picture

By Chris Chase

Updated: 4:43 p.m. EDT

Spain’s Olympic basketball team posed for an advertisement prior to the Games which appears to show all its players slanting their eyes, a move that could offend its Olympic hosts in Beijing. The ads, for a Spanish courier company, appeared in the Spanish-language newspaper La Marca.

As the uproar over the picture has grown today, more information about the advertising shot has come to light. The New York Times reports that Spain’s basketball team is sponsored by Li-Ning Footwear, a Chinese company founded by Li Ning, the final torchbearer who was hoisted along the top of Beijing National Stadium during the Olympic Opening Ceremony finale. The ad reportedly references the Spanish team recently extending their contract with the footwear giant for another four years.

The Spanish-language paper El Mundo has a piece debating whether the ad was racist that basically calls out the British press for trying to smear Spain’s good name. But they miss the point. Whether the picture was made in good fun is irrelevant. It was a ridiculous idea that was bound to upset a lot of people.

Hmm. I presumed this news was from UK Telegraph.

So, what’s your take on this?

I’d personally thought nothing of it. I mean, if there’s something seriously wrong with it, surely Li Ning would have spoken about the matter, right?

I caught another ‘interesting’ news report about it here. And this is what a member of the Spanish Olympic team has to say about the call for eyes-slanting, which to them it seem to be the definition of an innocent ‘wink’.

Toronto Raptors guard Jose Calderon, who is a member of the Spanish Olympic team, said the photo was misunderstood.

“It happened in the photo session where the Spanish National Team was introduced; one of our sponsors asked us to pose with a “wink” to our participation in Beijing,” Calderon wrote on his website.

“We made an oriental expression with our eyes. We thought it was something appropriate and that it would always be interpreted as somewhat loving.

Never the less some of the European media did not see it this way.

I don’t get it either. I mean, slanting eyes means loving? Really?? Grrr.


7 responses to “Slanting eyes as loving? You think?

  1. That is really ridiculous!! I hate it when people try to justify their racism. Just admit it if you dare to do it!

  2. it downed to how ppl interpret lor. i personally don’t think it’s really that offensive lar. unless they add a smirk or something onto that eye, then it’s offensive. otherwise it could possibly means they’re all for the beijing games wat.

  3. everywhere also racism…siao liao we all should appreciate the difference of cultures not hate or boycott them zzzz sien….-_-slanting eyes become wink? speechless lah…

  4. Cc,
    that’s what I’m saying.

    not the question of being offensive or not. but the way they justify their act is just, like what Cc says, ridiculous.

    speechless habis.

  5. The word “loving” does not do justice to the photo at all b/c it is racism. Pointless to contradict themselves by using the word “loving”. Well, I guess everyone has a racism streak in them anyway – cannot be helped but I think they ought to keep it private instead.

  6. Hmm, if Olympic is held in Malaysia, and they pose with everybody wearing s*ngkok, will we consider it loving?

  7. Kyels,
    I’m glad we’re on the same page.

    Songkok, right? You cutie thing.

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