Somebody stop me.

I’m thinking… thinking… wanting… to kill off another blog again.

Happy Friday!

8 responses to “Somebody stop me.


  2. Apasal!!!! Stress?!!! Tension!!! Or lazy?!!!

  3. actully u tinking n wanting smth else…when u want it? 😛

  4. cheer up 🙂
    have a scoop of frozen watermelon

  5. STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. why lah?

    do not let impulse over-rule u…

  7. No don’t kill this one 😦

    Sometimes I feel like giving up blogging too because lately I’m so much out of inspiration but looking back, I see all those posts and comments, all that time I’ve put into it… You can take a break if you like but just leave the blog alive. Think of it as your lil baby 🙂 Something you created from the start and built over time.


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