X-files: I want to believe trailer.


16 responses to “X-files: I want to believe trailer.

  1. x-files was my favorite show back in those years!!

  2. Yeah, I miss X-Files, and HEROES…

  3. I had always wanted to see Mulder & Scully as lovers. 😛

  4. Angele,
    mine too, without a doubt. 😀

    aww… Heroes… but they should be back soon too 😉

    me too! gosh, the tension is there. alas, never happen. perhaps, the truth is out there? lol.

  5. Haha was never really into X-files. 😀

    Happy weekend, sis!

  6. wheeee! looks like a great watch!! wah, this year got alot of ‘big’ movies! i jz watched indy jones last thurs… can’t wait for dark knight!! and sex and the city!! and and.. and so many more movies!!

    ahahhaha.. i also remember wed. nites on RTM2 during those days! 😉 and u were only 9yo?? so younggg!!! 😛

  7. X files is one of the best series ever
    I’m still looking for it in DVD or any media I can find

  8. Oh yes, I love X-files, though I don’t seem to catch the series consistently… I love the tales… the thrills… the horrors… I’m scared of watching those horror films too, but my inquisitive nature just forces me to watch! Haha… But X-files ain’t that scary lah… but interesting scripts! And I love the eerie theme song! 😛

  9. Day-dreamer,
    happy weekday ahead, DD mui! 🙂

    omg Harrison Ford!! dark knight, sex and the city, kungfu panda!

    lol! you were young also wutt 😛

    thanks to the movie, you might just find them back on the shelves soon 😀

    used to catch every episode, up until the period when Mulder went ‘missing’ and was replaced by someone else I think.

    that eerie theme song was cool eh? 😉

  10. Yes! I missed Mulder and Scully too; Gillian Anderson was freaking hot for me back in those days and I was literally hooked watching the X-Files! Haha!


  11. Wah u so early read jor my blog….professional leh…..Thanks anyway 😛

    X-files…..So long edy, i oso miss it if they really gonna released in July then it’s great 😀 add oil oso need to rest to fill back

  12. I watched it during my secondary school time..

  13. Kyels,
    yes, Gillian Anderson is cool. I like her… hair! lol


    no pro no pro… added your blog in my googlereader ma 😀

    haha. so you’re gonna watch it then? 😉

    secondary?? form 1 I presume? 😛

  14. air in TV then i watch 😛

  15. Sometimes X-file the story “no head no tail” wan. !! 😆

  16. EliteVillain,
    LOL. then you wait lah. 2 years on HBO 😛

    Yinsi Yat,
    because the truth is out there… there… there… *echoes*

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