An affirmation.

It’s my life
It’s now or never
I ain’t gonna live forever
I just want to live while I’m alive
(It’s my life)
My heart is like an open highway
Like Frankie said
I did it my way
I just wanna live while I’m alive
It’s my life

Remember this Bon Jovi famous hit back in the early 2k? I remembered screaming my heart out loud to the lyrics in th MTV when I was younger during schooling days, together with my like-minded mates. Such is a heart-felt affirmation. Such is a calling for self-conquest of life. But I’ve been wondering a lot lately. Hmm.

Anyway. Do you know there are two versions of them? One was the original in hard rock, as we so often heard over the radio and their album.

And the other, an acoustic, mellowed version of it, with a bit of melancholic touch from the harp instrument in the opening. But the first different version I’ve heard was just the sound of electric guitars working quietly in the background, accompanied by soft humming tune from the piano. Either way, they kinda give away a slight chill when listening to the song. Like the wind on your shoulders before taking that leap of faith?

I’m simply bemused by the mechanism aspect of songs. You know, how different music arrangements applied can indirectly affect how we feel about the songs we’ve heard? Take a listen to them below and you’ll hear what I mean.

Click Bon Jovi – It’s my life
Click Bon Jovi – It’s my life (acoustic vers.)

So which one is your likely pick? 🙂


16 responses to “An affirmation.

  1. I’ve got both songs in my ipod & I love them both.. depending on the mood I’m in. 😛

  2. Oh ya! I love it’s my life so so much! what an apt song for those high-high moments, those u feel like shouting out of ur lungs. 😛

  3. hard rock – i ter-read as hard c*ck.. O.o


  4. Hippy Hoppy Happy Zombie Hugs!!!

  5. lol i like the first one rather than the acoustic….feel the power when u listen to the first one XD

  6. I prefer the original one.

  7. Sis thanks for the dinner date. 😛

    Thursday ya! 😀

  8. Where is the version you sing one? 😆 Liddat only can pick lah.

  9. I usually prefer acoustic.


  10. i like both. but i prefer the first one because i am kinda used to noisy songs now, omgawd. my surroundings are going to make me deaf one day. 😛

  11. ah chat…so cheem wat u say as oldman cant understand… 😛

  12. the acoustic one is pretty cool. i really love it 🙂

  13. Jemima,
    hmm… the ori or acoustic better? I couldn’t make up my mind! 😛

    oh yesh! hit it babeh!

    notti Angeles ar you. notti…. tell your Brady baru tau 😛

    Hippy Hoppy Happy Zombie hugs twice. 🙂

    yep. a powerful burst of energy on the first one. but I feel the power on the second one also got. only, it acts like carb. its energy burns…. albeit slowly. 🙂

    you too yeah? 🙂

  14. Day-dreamer,
    anytime, DD mui mui. 😉

    would you like to hear me sing this song for you tomorrow? 😛

    Yinsi Yat,
    LOL. kidding meh. Yinsi tai kor should do the honor to sing first ma kakaka 😛

    another tick on our similarities list! 😀

    nice to see you here again Misti! 🙂

    lol. no you won’t geh. at the very least, we’ll have the songs stuck in our mind for a very long time, no? 🙂

    come closer come let ah chat explain…

    welcome to my humble blog! 🙂

    to be honest, was gona dismiss you as spam due to your rather cryptic email add. then it dawned on me what it means. my bad. lol.

    glad you’d enjoy the acoustic. 🙂

  15. hey tough cookie, sorry for not giving much news lately. I was kinda caught up in my own pathetic stuff. I’m doing better 🙂 thx for your concern.

    As for Bon Jovi’s song, “it”s my life”, I just *heart* it! First time I hear the acoustic version and it’s kinda different from the loud and rock original one. But I really think this acoustic version is pretty gud. I’m loving it ^^

  16. Angele,
    great to hear you’re coping well there, my friend. gotta keep it together yeah? and that lovely smile of yours, too 😉

    glad you like the acoustic just as I did. 🙂

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