There are times when I’m super sharp Brands’ chicken essence alert. Much thanks to the stars (of my astrology) really.

Then there are also some duh moments in between. When the blur sotong strikes.

This afternoon.

HR: … so as promised last week, we decided to arrange the interview at your convenience…

me: Sure…

HR: So when would it be convenient for you?

me: Hmm… *pause*

*glance over at the table calendar*

*thinks deep*

me: How about next week?


HR: Well umm… heheh… of course next week heheh… since… well, today is already Friday you see… heheh…

me: OH!! *smack head*

me: Right *sillysillysillysillysillysilly* heheh…

Pray pray I won’t turn into my own liability come grilling session next week. But I’m trying to keep things positive for now.

Two major things happened this week. I quit instant coffee and Jason Castro didn’t make it to top 3 AI finalists. Oh and the call. Make it three. Happy stuff.

Happy weekend! and Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there. Be good.


5 responses to “duh.

  1. eh?? quit instant coffee?? wow… like, how?????? i love my coffee too much to quit.. how liddat?

    good lucky ducky in the interview! 😉

  2. You are so sweet too, when you’re sotonged.. Beats being a zombie all the time, hor? Happy weekend, Buttie…

  3. LOL! Next week interbiu ar? I still thought of asking you out tim!

    Ganbatte yo!

  4. Homer = “doh”

    _butt= “duh”


    Happy weekend, my friend! *HUGS*

  5. Angeles,
    I quit coffee…. on weekdays. 😛 slow slow lo, then gradually quit them altogether and switch to tea! 🙂

    Thanks for the lucky ducky! I’ll give my best! 😀

    hahah. I think the zombies are pretty much alive in me. 😉

    Happy Weekend, LB dear 🙂

    so sorry DD mui. I left you a jet plane again. 😦

    hai. ganbatte!!

    Happy Weekend Jems! 😉


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