To hostel management of TARC: Try girls dorm block D. Not telling which floor. Blek.

Off late, my mind been running on a rusty mode. I’ve been terribly forgetful these days. Misplaced my keys a couple of times, thought I’d washed the dishes already until someone’s mother started yelling WHOLEAVETHEPLATESHEREAHHHH~~~ that twice, and, worst part is, I could feel my ability to focus is going down the drain as well. Had a hard time concentrating on things. And occasions where I had a slight amnesia symptom going on, like what I had for dinner last night, my last turn on Scrabulous, who I’d slept with… kidding. I’m seriously kidding on the last bit.

Strangely enough, I do remember what today is: Saturday, no?

Happy weekend everyone.

16 responses to “Rust.

  1. oh dear.. that fire extinguisher looks horrible! how can???

    i also will forget who i slept with… 😛

    ok la… just kidding two! 😛

    happy weekend!

  2. So much for safety first.
    If anything happens, then everyone will point their fingers at everyone else. *sigh*

    Have a nice weekend!

  3. o.O at the fire extinguisher.

    Typical Malaysian mentality la… won’t be replaced until someone dies because of it. 😡

    Happy weekend, sis! *hugs*

  4. I definitely forgot who I slept with, and that’s not kidding!!

  5. Angeles,
    OMG!! I love your rainbow heart!!

    horrible eh. terrible vegetable too. lol

    happy weekend be happy! 😉

    God knows how long it’s been there…

    hugs for happy weekend! 😉

    tragic. maybe I should send them a copy of this pic, on behalf of concerned rakyat of Malaysia? hmm.

    happy weekend hugs! 😀

    ooh…. o.0

    weekend hugs for you too! 🙂

  6. phewww…luckily u forgot who u slept with if not tis oldman…opssss 😛

  7. I am alfso forgetful one.. is it because old liao?

  8. Oh.. oh…. usually when young people starting to forget things (let say before their age is 40 average) , it’s not because they are getting old but STRESS/DEPRESSION is the caused, seriously… I’m not joking.

  9. insomnia ar??? better take drugs.. it will help..

  10. I’m forgetful too. Forgot you changed to this site liao. Kekeke

  11. Oldman,
    LOL. if not…??

    been asking myself the same thing too. hmm…

    you’re most probably right, Selba. must be the stresssss…

    what drugs leh???

    Yinsi Yat,
    Yinsi taikor! how are you doing?? long time no hear…

    lol now you know lo hehe 🙂

  12. We all get rusty brains once in a while.


  13. eh, u also from TAR ah?

  14. Kyels,
    time to oil up? 😛

    Boss cat,
    Hi and welcome!

    an ex-Tarcian, to be precise. 🙂

  15. That fire extinguisher smells danger!
    By the way, relax for a while
    Yes, easier said than done, I know
    I’m facing the same problem too

  16. Zeroimpact,
    indeed. like a time bomb eh?

    same problem too? no fret. have lots of water and rest, cut down on caffeine and you’ll be fine in no time. at least that’s what I did 🙂

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