This feeling.

I was making a 90-degree turn into the corner spot to park my car when I saw him. An uncle, probably in his mid 40s, clad in dark blue uniform, sitting alone on the railing, his back facing me. He didn’t bother to look back to see who had parked. He kept his eyes looking ahead. I looked around. Nobody but him around the parking lot area. I left anyway.

2 hours later when me and LD got back to our car, we (I) saw him again. Sat alone on the railing, his back on us. Shifted a bit in his sitting position I noticed. Then I saw, as I got into the car and caught a sight of him at side view, him took off his glasses and wipe the lens vigorously with his uniform shirt, then put them back on, slide up to the bridge of his nose. And he continued watching. Waiting for his working hour to pass for what seem like eternity.

He must be lonely. A family of 6 to feed maybe. Kids to school, bills to pay. But he must be lonely on the job. But that’s life, people say.

I left the building struggling with this weird feeling. Was it plain apathy or some hypocritical compassion on display?

On a separate occasion, one morning I got out from the car parked near an automobile service shop, was walking on my way to workplace when a boy slightly younger than me approach me out of the blue and mumbled something incoherent. I caught his speech in between the lines of ‘cuci kereta’ and ‘RMsomeamountIcan’tremember untuk satu bulan’. I shooked my head and said ‘tak nak’ (no) and smiled sheepishly upon refusing his offer for car wash service, thinking that he might be from the service shop itself trying to solicit business or something.

He nodded, but looking somewhat disappointed and left. I glanced over at his direction as I continue walking, and saw that he went back to washing someone else’s car, scrubbing down the wheel rim. He was alone, with an old-fashioned rusty bicycle (reminded me of one that rubber tappers used to get around in estates) stood loyally by his side, a white plastic bottle (Clorox type) dangling on a string at the bicycle handle.

He must be lonely. Eldest son in the family, educated none too much, poverty state has driven him to work early at age where he should be chilling out on Timbaland songs, college life, girls.

What was this feeling again?


13 responses to “This feeling.

  1. reminds me of misti’s latest entry “life is a booger…” 🙂

    happy holidays!!

  2. Such astute observations, butt.. Such melancholy.. So many questions about life.

  3. This post just brought tears to my eyes as it remind me of a lonely someone.

  4. There are many unfortunate ppl out there..
    Consider ourselves blessed..

    Happy 1st May btw

  5. Day-dreamer,
    *sits quietly beside DD and sigh along*

    oh yes, read her post about booger life heheh….

    Happy 1st May!

    kinda makes me wonder… not everyone can afford to ‘seize the day’ when they’re tied down by commitments and such. carpe diem is much like a privilege really.

    Kopi Soh,
    oh dear… perhaps you’ll like to drop by and say hello to them?

    *wipe off tears*

    count our blessings we should…

    Happy 1st May to you too. hope you have a good one 😉

  6. Normally I wont observe that much as you..

  7. Keeyit,

  8. I wish with all my heart i cud do that………….*kopi soh let’s _butt wipe off her tears* oso hugs bek đŸ˜Ļ

  9. andiesummerkiss

    You are very observant. Great quality for a writer huh. Me .. I won’t notice if a star fell near my feet. Wait … was that a movie?

  10. just like LB said so many questions about life so don’t bother ask more again 😛 later will have headache…

  11. There’s nothing you can do but to empathize on these people. All of us here are considered very lucky in the sense that our hierarchical needs were provided to satisfied our psychological and basic needs. But there are some who does not even appreciate but complain about what they have. Once you are fully fed, clothed and educated, you should not be complaining b/c others out there whom are stricken by poverty are living a life far worst than our own.

  12. Kopi Soh,
    sometimes if you wish harder, say a little prayer for them, they might just feel it in their heart. 🙂 only God knows your best intentions 😉

    *gives a feel good weekend hug to Kopi Soh*

    was it P.S I love you?? hmm…

    welcome and thank you for dropping by to my humbly blog. 🙂

    I do think it’s necessary to question sometimes. else we just kept running, going, moving forward, to nowhere without stopping for a breath and then hey, where am I?

    cheers. 🙂

    exactly. precisely. word for word agreed.

    we should meet up soon. 🙂

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