I’m not your mummieee

Yesterday, out for movie (Forbidden Kingdom is just so-so btw, perhaps already immuned to Jackie Chan) and shopping (on full blast mode!) with LD and cousin jie. We were at Jusco, browsing through clothes at ladies department when suddenly I heard a shrill voice calling “Mummy mummy, you come herrre, come here pleaase…”

Then I felt something cold brushing my finger tips. I looked over and saw this little girl pulling at my hand, beckoning me to follow her. I froze.

“Mummy mummy…”

“Umm… no dear I’m not your mummy…” *trying to be nice and forgiving despite the amusement of a lost duckling*

But the girl persisted, kept pulling me away with her and didn’t even bother to look up who her Mummy is!!

Mummy pleasse… come, mummyy…”

“Noo I’m not your mummy-”

“Mummy cumm…”

Boy is this girl stubborn. She kept reaching for my hand while I try to pull her hands OFF me. I looked around in desperate need for help and finally spotted the father standing a few metres apart, carrying another toddler in his arms, smiling at our tug of war antics.

Gawdd this is sooo embarrassingg!!

Just when I thought the father was gonna chip in to pull his psycho daughter away from me, he tried to settle the misunderstanding with a helpless shrug and a mere “Ay Ay *smirking* girl… not your mummy laa…”

Yeah so much for helping from you, daddy.

As soon as I manage to get rid of free myself from the little girl’s hand I quickly walked off in my casual stride, pretended nothing happened and gradually cabut (bolted) to somewhere else before some other Tom Dick or Harry’s kid is calling me mummy again. Meanwhile, LD and cousin were nowhere to be seen. Hmmph.

“Mummy mummy…”

Now that’s not my kind of horror.


18 responses to “I’m not your mummieee

  1. means that u will become mommie soon!!! oMG!!!

  2. haha.. poor girl.. i dun mean u 😛

    this week, 4 days’ working week! wheeeeee!! but mine is 3 days… cos i’m off on flyday! kekekkeek… 😉

  3. I foresee a bright future for you in motherhood, dear Butty.. 🙂

  4. Mummmmmmmmmmmy! I want my J.Co donuts!

    Mummmmmmmmmmmy! I want go hang gai gai!

    Mummmmmmmmmmmy! I want Manhattan Fish Market!

    Mummmmmmmmmmmy! I want go chiong k!

    And mummmmmmmmmmmy! It’s your turn on Scrab!

  5. LOL! Oh butty 😛

    I wished I were there to watch that scene with my own eyes! 😀

    hugs mummy ^^

  6. Are you indirectly hinting to us that we should be wishing you a Happy Mummy’s Day soon? 😛

  7. Next time I will call you “mummy” also … Mwahahahaha! The way you wrote it is so funny. Damn!

    Anyway, I have not watched Forbidden Kingdom yet but everyone is making a hoo-ha out of it … I loved Escape from Huang Shi though. Worth the watch.


  8. whe the lil girl c me wil call me daddy onot ler??? opppsss 😛

  9. Now that is scary… even scarier when all eyes are on you thinking you are the mummy!!!

  10. it nice to have kids that love you 🙂

    greeting and cheers 🙂 long time no see

  11. Ohh.. mummmmmmmy.. kekekkee

  12. WAH butt you married jor meh? i had no idea leh….when got daughter? HAHA kesian the little girl lost, and you are so kind like angel help her to find her long lost fahter XD LOL!!!

  13. Kkjm,
    and she’s your distant niece! OMG!! lol

    eh but I’m the victim worr 😛

    mine also 3 days!! nyek nyek… enjoy your holidays! 😀

    hope I won’t let myself down when the time comes 😉

    Okok stop!! request overload! mummy gona pengsan… O.N.E. at a time, ok sweetie? 😉

    you know, at that point, I so baadly wish Hiro Nakamura was there to save me. take me, fly me anywhere but there.

    with a lovely bouquet of carnations too perhaps? 😉

  14. Kyels,
    no don’t mummy me! Lol

    I want to watch Escape from Huang Shi soo bad!! alas, the screening time was a bit too late, so we had to settle for Forbidden Kingdom instead. IMHO, the movie was overestimated.

    horr… you taught her to simply call people mummy wan ah??

    scary indeed. not sure how many pair of eyes were there, since I’m too busy getting my hands off that girl to notice. hahah

    long time no hear from you Netster buddy! how’s it going? 🙂

    just one. but enough to freak me out. 😛

    yerr Kee yit, you also laugh at me geh…

    hahaha… kham thai dak hei ngor ah? she’s not lost la, her dad is right there, watching us playing tarik tangan leh…

  15. Mummie, I’m coming to PJ on this Sunday and stay till 22nd May.

    Any chance to meet up for Fri nite dinner or sum weekend outings? =)

  16. Yanczy,
    ABSOLUTELY BABE! text me when you get here 😉

  17. Hahhaha..
    so funny
    i can imagine how embarrassed u were at that moment 😛

  18. Chen,
    yeah, feel like digging a hole and stuff my head in it, like an ostrich. 😛

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