Ciplak watch.

Text message to LD @ 21-Apr-08 10:20 a.m.:

OK. Thot of lo. I wan to get facial mask, one more formal shirt/dress for Wen’s wedding/bag, a ciplak watch. Oh and mom’s ayamas chicken…

Ignore the last bit.

Last Monday I thought I was going to get a watch. Not just a watch, a ciplak (loosely translated as cheap imitation in Malay slang) one. Reason being, I didn’t wear any watch for years already but now I need one to attend an important occasion come next week. No, not my friend Wen’s wedding. Hers should fall on June btw. Can’t wait.

Anyway the last watch I had, bought from pasar malam, already died ages ago. The strap itself still looked silvery new, but I doubt the watch could work even if I replace it with a new battery.

So I went to Subang Parade to run some errands (couldn’t find any BOes at Cold Storage!) and did a bit of window shopping on clothes, meet up with LD there and had dinner before we head over to Carrefour building. And up on our way to carpark, I decided to check out the ciplak watches on display at one of the make-shift stalls, manned by two foreign workers.

At first I thought they were there to check out the watches too, before I realized one of them was talking to me in words I don’t understand. But I get their ‘selling’ point anyway so I nodded and proceed to look for the ones I liked.

RM10 each. Very cheap. All colors. All brands (I don’t know of). All shapes and sizes.

And I stood there. Looking, eyes darting from left to right. And look some more. But I couldn’t decide (fickle on alert!) so I ask LD to help me out.

“This one?”

“No, head too big. Makes me look like a primary school kid wearing her first watch.”

She picked another, one with a bright ribena-colored strap. “Ok, this one. Smaller. Your favourite color summore. Sure ngam.”


“Eww. Contrast! If clash with my outfit, how??”

“Then take the white strap one la. Plain and simple. Won’t clash.”

“Easy to get stained yellow leh…”

“You’re not going to wear it forever anyway.” *takes the watch in haste and hand it over to me*

“Nice… *flip over and back* but err… what’s with the weird round thingy in the middle?”


“White flag! *waves* You choose yourself lah-” LD stood aside and said nothing more. The two foreign workers looked at me in anticipation, waiting for me to have my pick.

“Weii arr… how??”

“It’s just a watch. Choose.” LD said, her voice sounded like it was a matter of life and death. CHOOSE. Add to that a thunder effect if you know what I mean.

“Fine. I’ll… umm, hmm… I’ll just chooooooozzze…” and there I stood, looking, eyes darting from left to right. And look some more. But I just can’t seem to make up my mind.

It’s a blardy RM10 watch and I couldn’t set my heart to buy it.

“Ok. If you don’t want a watch, let’s go. Getting late.”

“Ok let’s go-” I pulled LD away from the stall and off we went to the treadmill escalator. There. I’ve made up my mind.

“Eh, you sure? Not gonna get your chee-plak watch?” I heard a snigger.

“Shut up.”

Thank Gawwd it’s Friday!! Look forward to catch up on a good movie and…

can you spot the heart?

more DVDs and…

Big Apple donuts
hehehe…. sugar can make you happy maa, no? 😛 note to DD: no worries, J.Co is still on.

H a p p y W e e k e n d everyone.


12 responses to “Ciplak watch.

  1. Hahaha, High Noon Drama at Ciplak Watch & Co! Hey, more power to sugar!!!

  2. Happy Weekend to you too! It’s bumming at home and study like a freak for me! Sobs!

    Enjoy your weekend though.


  3. yeah! TGIF!!! time flies.. faster than lightning… -_-”’

    u really ‘need’ the watch meh? i dun think so lor.. no watch still ok ma, no? 😉

    happy weekend butty!

  4. Did u save a donut for me butty? *beat lashes*

    Hihiii. Happy w-end too. *hugs*

  5. got said like that meh? lolz..
    happy weekends! XD

    buon auguri!

  6. Happy weekend, my dear! 🙂

  7. LB,
    here’s to shuuuugah! *raise donut ala yum seng*

    hard times will soon be over, I promise 😉

    having a watch is like a good luck charm to me. but maybe I’ll do without it this time 😉 fate in our own hands yeah?

    happy weekend! 🙂

    woops! the pic is taken last week so err… hehe

    happy weekend my buddy Angele 😀

    shuddupp lah… 😛

    Have a great one Jem! 🙂

  8. LOL! But I normally go for better/quality watches so that it can last me long. I think the one I’m wearing now is 3 or 4 years old already…

    Haha, when I saw that donut pic I thought of our date and then scrolled further down to see your reassurance. 😛

  9. next time just buy a clock n tied to ur hand sure very fashion…

  10. i want those donuts!!! isit dunkin’ donuts? haven’t tried them b4… :(((

    no need watch la… use hp… 😛

  11. just look at ur shadow. ^.^

  12. Daydreamer,
    quality matters, but then again if the watch doesn’t look too tacky to be cheap, I don’t mind. 🙂

    a promise is a promise ma 😉

    hahah! you try before izit??

    Big Apple, better than Dunkin 😉

    not so applicable when you’re inside a building though 😛

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