Today’s special: Ribena soup?


Mom made the perfect fan shue tong shui (sweet potato dessert/soup) in disguise. Love the color!


14 responses to “Today’s special: Ribena soup?

  1. Sweet Water, obviously…

  2. I miss that… *sigh*
    *pretends to open mouth to wait for airplane*

  3. came from mistipurple’s garden, eh? 😉

  4. LOL for once when I looked at the title (but haven’t look at the picture) I was wondering… “har? Ribena soup?!”

    Tong shui = sweet dessert soup? >.<

  5. In contrast to most western meals, a Chinese meal does not typically end with a dessert. However, a sweet dish is usually served at the end of a formal dinner or banquet, such as sliced fruits or a sweet soup (įŗ–æ°´, lit. sugar water) which is served warm.

    (Taken from:

  6. I had the same reaction as DD when first reading the post title. I was like… “Uh? o_O what the hell is ribena soup??!”


    I never came across that dish before.

  7. purple soup??!!! make sure u cook one for me in the future… wakaka…

  8. LB,
    makes sense…

    Sweet Misti loaned me her garden to grow some potatoes lately… 😀

    gotcha! no, nothing to do with ribena. I liked making fun of people’s cooking (mom included) when it’s not my all-time cuppa 😛

    thanks for the info. now we know better. 🙂

    its a sweet dessert soup consist of sweet potatoes. mom happen to bought a few in purple to cook hence the ‘ribena’ color 🙂

    mea culpa for the misinformation đŸ˜Ļ

    I cook? you dare to drink or not sinn…

  9. Normally, I will cook the sweet potato with barli.. nicer..

  10. sweet potato dessert? no?
    yum.. looks so good!

  11. Should be dessert; since it’s classified under that category. Haven’t had fan shue tong sui for a long time already! I love pak kor fu chuk also!


  12. Keeyit,
    sweet potato with barley? Ok will try that next time 😀

    Hi and welcome!

    I thought they would have a proper term to call it 😛 yes, nice! a bit mashed but nice 🙂

    eh me too! my favourite! 😀

  13. the water in the trash…

    tong sampah punya air…

  14. Oldman,
    tong sampah air where got this color wann…

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